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  1. i dont think 550w will suffice, theres a evga 650w for $8 more, also semi modular
  2. for the load ill be using my build for, i dont see the need for more cores/threads, and when i overclock the 7600k to 4.8-5ghz (depends on stablility), it theoretically will perform better gaming wise.
  3. i thought about ryzen, but decided against it due to my lack of need for more threads/cores. thanks though
  4. i have a $1100 budget, ive bought half my parts already. just want opinions and feedback https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZBc8Gf
  5. i thought ab noctua coolers and decided that they were 2 ugly 5 me
  6. howdy. im building my first pc and plan on overclocking my i5 7600k to 4.8ghz. im looking for a sufficient cooler thats less than 60-70 usd. im building in a nzxt s340. thanks!