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  1. Finally finished! Check main post for pictures! Huge credit to Lavin for the amazing work on the cables and photos!
  2. This will be interesting to see how they design it. Personally I would rather see a 14" notebook from them. I prefer to strike a balance between ultrabook and performance. I'd love to see a Razer blade competitor with less powerful hardware and greater battery life. Something like a gtx965m and a more efficient i7 (maybe even a ULV CPU to extend the battery life significantly)
  3. More pictures added, build is nearly done! Planning on some case lighting and maybe fans. Havent had the chance to take some pretty photos of the computer yet.
  4. @nicon My hope is the board will look okay since most of the red will be hidden, currently thinking of ways to cover the empty red slots and things like that. We were planning to use some custom vinyl on the PSU to make it match. And yes that is a Fed-3 RF. I think I shot that with either my M9 or 70D
  5. I'd love to put new hardware in it but I think its best that I wait for the next enthusiast platform and the next round of GPUs, Because honestly none of the new cards are very tempting. My last build was SLI GTX Titan Blacks, but those have since been moved to my workstation so if I need the power I have access to it. Its not really a great time to be buying another $6000 rig imo. Once the next Enthusiast platform and cards come out you can expect a balls to the wall build. This is really just a visual refresh.
  6. More pictures of the custom cabling posted! Plenty more to do, including custom backplate, vinyl and some case mods.
  7. progress pictures posted, CPU power cable and a custom shortened and sleeved CPU heatsink fan cable
  8. That's a fun idea, might be a challenge to integrate it in an attractive manner
  9. I am working with my good friend Lavins over at hexagonpc.com to bring you an up close look at our uniquely fabulous build. Hopefully this build will provide you with an "offensively pink" look at custom cabling and PC building process. This build will feature white cable connectors, custom cables and wiring, custom vinyl graphics and a custom acrylic back-plate. Updates will be posted here as the build progresses. The final build will be on display at Quake-Con for those who want to see it in person when complete. CPU: Intel Core i7-4930k CPU Cooler: Cryorig H5 Motherboard
  10. CPU is 5-75c under load. Not bad considering its air cooled. GPUs range from 79-89c Still at boost clocks Overall PC is very quiet and only the GPUs are audible during gaming, but not over speakers or headphones. At idle the machine is inaudible.
  11. I was thinking about it. Not sure if I want to spend the money though.
  12. Titan Black SLI. Titan X was not released at the time of building this computer.
  13. Unfortunately I do not know it! If you had mentioned this 3 weeks ago I would have had 2 I could have given away :C
  14. Vesa mountable systems are a nice way to have a small server PC within reach of your desk but still out of the way, I could use one of those
  15. One of those processors would be the perfect excuse to upgrade to x99 from my x79 rig
  16. They tested using a 4820k socket 2011 ® that socket has a built in back plate so you will have to mount it by tightening from the top.
  17. I actually had those extensions done before they are a rich brown and black colour http://i.imgur.com/LxNrsAK.jpg the colour is called rust. I wanted them to resemble the MINI Cooper High gate package which is a brown with black stripes. Honestly I think they look great, matching the Noctuas is a plus but I dont really think brown is an ugly colour. I've always been a little different with my builds, black, red, blue, white and other regular colours just dont interest me as much
  18. Yeah fans tend to be most effective in smaller areas like this case, its certainly not as good as a big atx case but its very good for the size
  19. The case does not show fingerptints at all, I was originally going to build with gloves but I didn't bother in the end because of how anti fingerpint the surface was. The airflow is fine despite the crowded appearance, this case is basically a vertical wind tunnel, extremely quiet because it uses stack cooling, and the temps are in the mid 80s on the GPUs when running full load
  20. SLI wasnt enabled yet, so they were not in sync, kinda weird.