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  1. Yes that is what I was thinking. I just posted a similar thread in Corsair Forum. Lets see what Reply I get there. Anyhow I think it is better to get it replaced. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you very much for your time.
  2. I do have the option to get it replaced. So should I do that or will all the K100 have this wobble. That is what I am looking to find out. If it is not Normal then I would get it replaced.
  3. Yes that is what I have been thinking but K100 is said to have better Stabilization implemented to make them less wobbly. So is this bad.
  4. Is this Normal Key Wobble for Corsair K100
  5. Is this Normal Key Wobble For Corsair K100 Backspace Wobble(This is Most Wobbly) Shift Wobble Space-bar Wobble Enter Wobble
  6. For the 5th point in your post "I have been saving and want to use this build for the next several years in my profession". I recommend waiting few few months before spending that high amount. I bet you can get far better performance as new hardware lineups from AMD, NVIDIA are just around the corner. I think you have been saving big time and there is no harm in waiting a little longer.
  7. Yeah I wish we get better key-cap options. Will take another year or two.
  8. Hmmm................ unless it feels cheap and under built I guess it is fine. Will only know once he tries it out. But at-least am happy to know that it will do just fine without wrist rest.
  9. Great, you are using G915 do you face any key wobble while general usage unless you removed the key cap.
  10. No problem recent naming schemes of lot many brands have got people confused like crazy. Going up from a Thin Profile DELL Membrane keyboard he should be fine with thin profile keys. Yeah wrist rest is not an issue. But sadly he using low profile keyboard at height 24mm but has wrist rest which he uses. Yeah will tell him try it out in store and then purchase it.
  11. ROMER G-Tactile switch used in G613 is not same as one used in G815. The one in G613 is same as G910 and no I am not going into discussion of what its shortcoming are. I would recommend K95 Platinum over G613 any day. That is the reason I am not including it in the discussion. G815/G915 are different new and of lot better quality and highly reviewed. The only issue I see with them is the breaking of the key legs and yes not having the wrist rest. That Keys have me bit worried as well but I guess if handled carefully it should be fine. In time I think there will be Logitech or many other third
  12. Okay that is fine then. He won't be dropping it or smashing it in rage. I guess regular usage won't effect it.
  13. But as you said keys got me bit worried. Will they break for regular usage over time even if not tried to remove them.