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  1. Budget (including currency): $~500 CAD Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Home server, mainly for mass photo/video archiving but could also be used for ~5 person minecraft servers or running plex in the future, want to keep my options open. Other details: My current best idea is to get a used Dell Optiplex off Kijiji for ~$250 (i5 2400, 8gb ram), and then just add larger storage drives and go from there. Should the additional drives specifically be NAS grade (Ironwolf etc..) or would any decent HDD do? Any recommendations on what softwar
  2. Actually, now that I think about it, I remember doing exactly what you told me to do with the 9010 for a kid off my own recommendation lmao. I think be bought a 1050ti and a 500w PSU elsewhere, and I popped those and some extra ram in. I guess I just really want to buy new lmao. If the performance difference is only 15% though I'll ask my boss about the possibility of ordering me one with an i7.
  3. Really? I know it would crush multi threaded workloads, but for gaming I didn't think so. Now that I think about it though with a decent overclock it would probably win even there, but I still don't think any more than 1.5x the performance. Plus, it's almost $300, but I think the performance per dollar might still be better. I guess I'll have to look more as I just kinda assumed it would perform better than the Ryzen chip.
  4. I actually work at a computer store ( we sell mostly refurb laptops and pc's nothing really gaming oriented) and we have those there a believe so I could get a good deal on one and have thought about it in the past, but I'm just kinda concerned about the older CPU.
  5. I wanted to go for a Ryzen 5 1600, but this seemed like a better deal.
  6. So basically, I found a clearance deal at my local Canada Computers for a Xeon E3 -1230 V5 for $200 CAD. First of all, is this a good deal? I think I read that it performs similarly to an I7-7600, so I wanted to see if thats true. I would use it for coding, gaming, and video editing. The board in the parts list at the bottom is the cheapest compatible board but it seems pretty nice, and together they still come out cheaper than the previously mentioned I7 with a similar board. What I really want to know is if going with a Xeon will have many large downsides. ( I know that the GPU in there is u
  7. Welp, I think whats really eating through the budget right now is the GPU pricing, so I'll wait at least another month and hope things get better. From what I've heard new Nvidia Launches are at least a year away so no real hope there getting a discount for 10-series gpus because of a newer series. Might be able to get a loaner laptop from work, otherwise I'll just have to deal with it.
  8. Nope, I'm in Ottawa, nobody really uses craigslist around here.
  9. Lmao just checked Kijiji only 2 980ti's listed both at $500
  10. Any monitor recommendations that would go well with this rig?
  11. So I assume this means I wouldn't be able to get 1440p from my budget, or is it just the price of the monitor?
  12. I've been looking but there isn't much used market here. What do you think a reasonable price for these would be (I'm not really familiar with used PC part pricing). If I remember correctly, the 1060 is between those two in terms of performance correct?
  13. I'm planning on building a PC, I know a decent amount PC parts and building. I just want to see if I can decent 1440p performance for my price range or I have to step down to 1080p. I'm also kind of an AMD fanboy so if the value is similar I'd prefer AMD, but if Intel/Nvidia's offering provide better value I would go with that. 1. Budget & Location I want to spend between $1000-$1200 CAD (though I might be able to get some discounts as I work at a small computer shop with the same supplier as Newegg, so if you go a bit about don't worry about it as long as it increases value). I