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    Everything that gathers my attention
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    I5-10400F @ 4.3Ghz
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    ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4
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    32GB DDR4 G.Skill Aegis 3000Mhz
  • GPU
    RTX 2080 SUPER
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    DEEPCOOL D-Shield V2
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    2TB SeaGate Barracuda 7200RPM 256MB Buffer + WD Slim 1TB 5200RPM + TeamGroup GX1 256GB SSD SATA-III
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    Silentiumpc Vero L3 700W 80+ Bronze
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    2560x1080p 75Hz LG UltraWide Monitor
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    Arctic Freezer 34 Duo + 4 Arctic P12 Case Cooling Fans
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    Logitech Prodigy G213
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    Razer Basilisk 16.000DPI
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    SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Lenovo Legion Y720
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    Samsung Galaxy A7 2018

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  1. I have an AsRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4 (yeah, I know, terrible VRMs, did not know this when I bought the mobo) with an I5 10400F. In HWINFO64 I noticed that the AUXTIN1 temps are quite high (around 103C most of the time). Searched through the internet and found out this is not a problem since the sensors are most likely reading the temps wrong. However, I noticed that the temps go down (they gone to 94C) instead of up when the PC is under load (the attached screenshot is after 50m of playing World of Tanks and leaving it to cool down for 30m). Does anyone have a clue why it does that?
  2. Hello everyone! Recently I thought about trying a different approach to gaming, especially trying to play some games on my TV but without buying a console. Since I have a laptop, I though to connect the laptop to the TV, but it needs so many cables to run properly without any lag (PSU/HDMI/Needing to have a mouse + keyboard to operate it from distance). But, here comes my idea. I know GeForce Now costs around 5-6 euros per month and you can play your games that already own on steam (mostly). Still, they have over 400 games on it, so chances are your favourite games are
  3. Alright, so I always monitor my temperatures using MSI Afterburner with Rivatune. Temps never goes above 77C, also this is a mobile chip, but not a MaxQ model. The CPU is an Intel Core I7 7700HQ at 2.8Ghz base clock speed, but always stays in turbo at 3.4Ghz. This issue was happening like one year ago I guess when I first saw it. However, it never bothered me so much. Frametimes are consistent, between 16-20ms at 60+ Fps. The video I have made in this post has no overclocking applied on the GPU. Usually I keep the GPU overclocked at +500Mhz Memory and +100Mhz on Core Clock, which is weird beca
  4. What are your temperatures under load? I'm assuming these 120 degrees are Fahrenheit, since at Celsius the laptop would basically turn off immediatelly. For a laptop, these temps are good for me.
  5. Hello everybody! I noticed something strange while I was playing casually my games (GTA V, Division 2) through my MSI Afterburner OSD. The Core Clock of my GTX 1060 was fluctuating a lot recently. Took it into Unigine Superposition to see what are the results after a benchmark. But right after I was benchmarking the GPU noticed the Core Clock frequency started fluctuating like hell. Does anyone know what this problem might be? And how to fix it? It also looks like the benchmark lags at every 0.5s for a couple of miliseconds, like it's slowing down, but then goes up again. The Min F
  6. Got them from a local store, they import all their stuff. The thermal pads (regular ones) that I used come from the EK Heatsinks for NVMe M.2 SSD (they are 0.5mm thick, perfectly for my chipset) and the thermal adhesive pad is from AlphaCool, another known brand. These are their full names btw for more info: EK-M.2 NVMe Heatsink - Black (i don't think the color does matter) and Alphacool Thermal Adhesive Pad 30x30mm.
  7. I'm not actually recommending this, but the best for a laptop (and desktops) is the Liquid Metal. I don't recommend it because you really need to know what you're doing when applying it and it is electrically conductive, so if you put too much and it spills over the electric parts of your laptop, it will mostly cause irreversible damage. I used Arctic MX-4 in most laptops and it does the job really well. Kryonaut it's also very good, along with IC Diamond.
  8. Hey there CheeseSandwich! Have you reinstalled Windows 10? My suggestion would be to first try it in safe mode and see what changes can cause the BSOD. I had a BSOD this month that drove me nuts, but for my sake, I made a new bootable USB device with the newest Windows 10 version right off their website. I too tried everything to get rid of the BSOD before installing the OS again. Seemed that the problem was the OS itself. I don't really know if the image from the previous USB got corrupted (yes, I installed Windows twice. Once with the old OS image on the USB Stick, second with th
  9. Hello everyone! I don't really know if I post this in the right section, so correct me if I do it wrong. So, recently I was worrying about my PCH/Chipset temperature in my Legion Y720. Maximum it reached was 93C and the chipset itself when I opened the backplate of the laptop it seemed that it didn't have a heatsink attached to it. Basically it was left open to cool like an M.2 NVMe SSD without a heatsink attached to it. What I decided was to buy a full sized motherboard chipset (38x38mm) and cut it using an electric pendular saw to fit on my chipset (30x30m
  10. Hello dear community and Linus! I was recently watching Linus new video about the new Gigabyte Aorus laptop with 10th gen I7 and RTX 2070 Super when Linus stated something like "This is the first time in history that the mobile GPUs will have a full x16 lane instead of x8 to play with" showing on video the following screenshot from GPU-Z The Video with the time stamp at the moment of showing the GPU-Z screenshot. Then, I was wondering if I remembered wrong what I've seen in my GPU-Z regarding my own GTX 1060 (Not Max-Q) in my Lenovo Legion Y720. I have this
  11. Thanks! Good to know that other people thought about this idea and turned out that is not as effective as it looks on paper.
  12. I used the MSI Afterburner to monitor the temps and clocks in real-time. Also HWInfo64 to see the maximum after exiting the games. Only the AC odyssey is killing my laptop in temp reaching 80C maximum. Others don't really get even at 75C.
  13. Hi! First time posting here! Lemme get straight to the point. So, I have a Lenovo Legion Y720, I7 7700HQ, GTX 1060 6Gb Non-MaxQ and cooled with Liquid Metal. I have overclocked the GPU to 100/500Mhz Core/Memory Clock and got a 12% increase in performane. The temps are fine, maximum was 80C(just peak, average was 72C) on both GPU and CPU and that was on that poorly optimised AC Odyssey with Very High Preset. Considering that I still got room for overclocking further, I decided to do it. One problem: Even if I set the core clocks at 200Mhz for example, with the RivaTune Statistics an
  14. Hi everyone! Since I got my new Legion Y720, I wanted to undervolt my CPU for better temps. Now, I have encountered some problems and I want to know: What does Processor IccMax does? Is it safe to rise it or it could kill my CPU/Motherboard? What does Cache and Graphics IccMax too? Again, does rising them hurt my CPU/Motherboard? And finally, what is with System Agent IccMax? Again, the same question about rising and killing my CPU or Motherboard. I'm really confused and I want to run my laptop cooler and faster. Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks! I'm used to apply thermal paste. I previously had a custom built PC and an Acer Aspire E1-531G which needed to be reapplied the paste. Being an Acer and not a new one, it is a nightmare to dissassembly it. With this laptop, I will send it to waranty first to not lose it and hopefully they will repair it so I will have waranty for the next 2 years.