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  1. I wonder what the performance difference between an i5 and an i7 will be. Maybe 8 threaded performance might finally be worth it for gamers?
  2. Alright, so, I just found another cheap GTX 580 matrix, and decided it'd be cheaper to buy a second MATRIX than it would be to buy a 780, but now I'm wondering. I only want to run games that NEED SLI performance in SLI (I'll turn it on and off as the situation requires). But if I want to run games with SLI off, I only went the games to render on my second GPU because it isn't choking on the cooler of the other GPU. It looks a little bit like this. Does anyone know how to force it via Nvidia control panel or something of the sort?
  3. 60 FPS please. Please. SERIOUSLY. The difference between 30 and 60 is night and day ._.
  4. Realistically, a lot of countries don't allow women in their armies, and even if they do, not special forces or anything of the sort. A few of my female friends that also game pretty hardcore have told me that it doesn't really make them less enthused about the game, but they do have issues with the fact that the industry is rather woman-shunning, and that it's absurdly difficult to get a female protag in some games. For instance, I have heard that the dev of "Remember Me" had to BEG the publisher to make a female character the protag. What the fuck, why is that so risky? o_o
  5. I don't buy TN panel monitors full stop. I want vivid colours and great angles.
  6. The Dell U2312HM. A great IPS panel with pivot and a USB hub integrated. DP, DVI and VGA. It has some pretty sweet colours.
  7. Once, my computer didn't give a video signal. OR SO I THOUGHT. After troubleshooting errything, taking out the mobo, re-applying thermal paste, nudging the cpu a bit, taking apart my entire PC - I realised my monitor was set to HDMI instead of DVI.
  8. Okay so since there was like absolutely nobody here, I'm going to do something else, how does this sound: 3 days long, I'm putting up a quiz, and in those three days, people can answer the quiz. The people that have the answer right the most, get ranked higher in the RNG. (which I'll use to calculate the winner). So no first come first serve nonsense. I'll scrounge up some gamecodes for steam and origin to give away. I'll be posting this in the "general" area tomorrow. See you guys there!
  9. Well apparently since nobody wants magicka apart from the guy that wants magicka, it'll go to the guy that wants magicka. Add me on steam, icemaster_1, screenname is Fidel Castro (don't ask) and post your steam username here too. (the game is a steam gift, yasee)
  10. Hey guys, as you might know I'm a mod here - it says under my name. I haven't been on much and I'm really sorry. Things have been pretty bad for me lately and I've also been really really badly ill, family business, yada yada yada, not very professional, I know, so let me try and get on you guys' good side again. So here, I'll check this thread tomorrow, and I'll randomly select (with an RNG, not because I know one of you guys) give you a copy of magicka. And if like a ton of people join in I might just get some origin/steam codes of some other games and give those away randomly in this topi
  11. http://www.l3p.nl/files/Hardware/Deskmod/Progress/Total%20%5B2560px%5D.jpg Only slightly.
  12. Air cooling is by far sufficient. Watercooling is a more enthusiast grade type of cooling, but if you want to overclock a 3570K, you're going to need a new cooler for the CPU, as you might be aware. The stock cooler is... kind of pathetic. And radiators/hoses don't tend to leak unless you manhandle them extremely. Custom liquid cooling takes a lot of time, money and effort to set up. You could go for pre-done watercoolers like the H100i, or just go for a good double tower double fan aircooling heatsink. It all depends on what you've got space for, but on air, you should easily be able to re