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    Kiyometa reacted to TVwazhere in Lian-Li Uni-fan New release window   
    -Moved to Air Cooling-
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    Kiyometa got a reaction from jc89 in Go with X470 and 2700x in a couple of months or wait ?   
    Definitely say wait if you can, if you have heard the latest rumor from AdoredTV, its a HUGE jump from Zen+ to Zen 2.
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    Kiyometa reacted to SlimyPython in new build   
    If you do have time, id say wait for Ryzen Gen 3 since...
    Note: these are leaks and may not be true
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    Kiyometa reacted to Draiker in PC build advice   
    Thanks everyone for the super fast replies!
    @Spotty I did forget to mention I am looking for a full tower build, no peripherals, and it will be used for gaiming mainly. And great advice on the RAM, did not know this one.
    @Kiyometa Thanks for the great list, AMD is an option, I've always stuck to intel but you are right on the performance to price ration so I will defenately consider your list!
    Thanks again everyone
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    Kiyometa reacted to Spotty in PC build advice   
    What are you planning on using the system for? Should help us pick parts that will suit your needs. If you're planning on using it as a gaming PC, then what sort of games are you playing and what monitor resolution and refresh rate?
    Do you need peripherals such as monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc?
    16GB is sufficient for most people, though there are some use cases where more is required. For gaming and such 16GB is plenty.
    DDR3 and DDR4 RAM aren't compatible with each other, so you will need either DDR3 or DDR4 depending on what the CPU & Motherboard supports. Modern CPUs will support DDR4, however if you're looking at the used market with i7 4790k and earlier you will need DDR3. I would typically recommend 3000MHz or higher RAM, though with Intel you can get by with 2666MHz or even 2400MHz if you're on a tight budget. AMD Ryzen CPUs rely more heavily on memory frequency, so 3000MHz or higher is highly recommended for Ryzen.
    Swap the 2400MHz RAM out for 3000MHz (about $5-$10 more expensive) if you're going with a Ryzen build. As above, Ryzen CPUs benefit from faster memory.
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    Kiyometa reacted to Spotty in Windows C not detecting all space.   
    If you open Disk Management you should be able to see more advanced information on the drive, and if the drive has been partitioned (split up in to multiple volumes).
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    Kiyometa reacted to narrdarr in MATX Case - NZXT H400 or Fractal Design Meshify C Mini   
    i have a meshify c and the mini is only 40mm smaller in height everything else is the same
    but i do have to say i f***ing love my case
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    Kiyometa reacted to r2724r16 in Best compact mid tower case?   
    Fractal Design Meshify C
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    Kiyometa reacted to brob in SPECULATION: Zen 2 rumors and expectations.   
    At least wait for the independent benchmarks. ?
  10. Informative
    Kiyometa got a reaction from Speed Weed in SPECULATION: Zen 2 rumors and expectations.   
    Hey guys!
    So when I first got my 6600k, I told myself I would upgrade 3 generations later to an i7 and started saving for it. Well then AMD had to come in and upset the market with its new Ryzen processors and suddenly my plans had to change. The current rumor is that the Zen 2 will have a 13% increase in IPC from the Zen+ and could potentially open up even better OC opportunites with high core counts as well. So now I HAVE to wait for the Zen 2 to see if it is going to blow Intel away. I have had Intel CPUs for all of my computers for the last 12 years but am no fan boy right now and have no problem switching. My 6600k is able to run my games with no problems still, so I have no problem waiting until next year.
    Current info/rumors for Zen 2:
    Releasing after CES 2019 around May.
    +13% IPC over Zen+
    Up to 16 cores for Mainstream processors AM4 and up to 32 for Enthusianst TR4

    Has anyone else heard any other rumors or information regarding Zen 2?
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    Kiyometa reacted to Princess Luna in Picking mATX Z390 motherboard   
    Honestly speaking I'd not change any thing, the Ryzen 5 1600 if overclocked to 3.9ghz with 2933mhz or higher frequency memory is already enough for the GTX 1080 to reach it's full potential at 1440p.
    That means that since the GPU is not being bottlenecked already, getting a new CPU will not magically give you extra 15fps because the CPU already isn't what's slowing down your GPU.
    The only way to increase performance at 1440p now would be a faster GPU like I said a RTX 2080 Ti where the Ryzen 5 1600 may finally slow it down, even so it's eh...
    These graphs are with a RTX 2080 Ti at 1440p, you can notice how little the CPU matters, with a 1080 it'll mater even less, sure you could decrease visual quality to medium/low but I don't really think the fps is worth it if you're at least above 60 all times already.
    Long story short: you'll end up spending a lot of money for diminishing gains, I'd just keep saving up for a more meaningful/major upgrade next year when 7nm GPUs hit the market and mayhap Intel's long waited 10nm architecture.
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    Kiyometa got a reaction from RANDEAG in Help me make decisions plz :)   
    Just make sure the cable is rated for the requisite throughput to handle 144Hz, AKA if the one end is DVI-D, should be fine.

    Double check though, I have been bamboozled in the past with those adapters.
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    Kiyometa got a reaction from RANDEAG in Help me make decisions plz :)   
    Just get a better GPU then like a 2080. You can get a pretty cheap 2nd monitor which is a nice quality of life thing. I have a cheap $100 24" monitor as 2nd monitor.

    I'm not an crazy overclocker so I think unless you are competing or the CPU is slowing you down in your productivity that delidding is not worth it. Delidding just to get better benchmark scores is silly.
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    Kiyometa got a reaction from RANDEAG in Help me make decisions plz :)   
    Well both of the options you have listed has a 2070. So then which is better for you? Do you need the extra speed that would result from delidding your CPU, or would the Monitor be better? Is it a quality of life thing? Do you need another monitor for productivity or is it just extra? What GPU do you have right now?
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    Kiyometa got a reaction from RANDEAG in Help me make decisions plz :)   
    Need more context in order to help you friend. It would depend on what you need.
  16. Agree
    Kiyometa reacted to RorzNZ in Help me make decisions plz :)   
    Delidding and liquid metal is like a few degrees, really monitor is a much better way to spend your money IMO. Really you might as well just get a 2080 unless you want another monitor. 
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    Kiyometa reacted to bleedblue in Help me make decisions plz :)   
    $100 adapter o_O
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    Kiyometa reacted to emosun in Help me make decisions plz :)   
    Unless it also washes dishes then never pay 100$ for that...
  19. Agree
    Kiyometa reacted to Imbellis in Using Folding@Home as an Alternative Heater   
    Yeah. My hometown in Tx is *"100% renewable" running at ~14c /kWh.
    *heavily subsidized and drawing from external grids.
  20. Informative
    Kiyometa reacted to LienusLateTips in Worth $32 Difference   
    No, they aren't. At least not since like 2011.
    RMx, RMi, CSM, CXM (2015), CX (2017), HXi, HX, AXi and TXM are not by SeaSonic. Instead built by GW or CWT.
    SeaSonic makes shit too. Never use a manufacturer as a recommendation...
  21. Informative
    Kiyometa reacted to Stefan Payne in Worth $32 Difference   
    Sorry, but whats with the Seasonic Hypetrain?!
    They ain't as good as you claim. So why the hype??
    And Seasonic has some almost 10 year old garbage in their lineup. And lied on the label in the past, claimed two +12V Rails when there isn't even one.
    Look here:
    and Corsair PSU were Seasonic only in the beginning! Your statement is not true since 2009/10 or so, when they moved to CWT and stuck with them.
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    Kiyometa reacted to Canada EH in worth investing some money in an am3 system?   
    $150 for a working pc with a legit windows 10  for an i5 4th gen.
    Its cheap as borsch.
    You get the usual, 8GB of ram and 500GB of hdd, but also a legit copy of windows 10. Sure its oem but you can still upgrade it, even if you want more power then stock oem psu, very easy to do it.
    I outfitted my office with 10 refurbished pc's that are all i5 4th gen
    HP EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF i5-4570 3.20GHz  500GB Win 10 1 Yr Wty
  23. Agree
    Kiyometa reacted to Canada EH in worth investing some money in an am3 system?   
    I wouldnt bother with am3
    I would rather buy a used 4th gen intel pc because they are so cheap.
    Even the best FX space heater does not compare to 4th gen intel
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    Kiyometa reacted to SupaKomputa in Which SSD shoul I buy   
    No. Crucial is micron. Is their forefront brand.
    Just like @Kiyometa said, Samsung is the best of the bunch, get it if you have the money.
    Not only in speed, but also in durability.
    Crucial is my second best (currently using it).
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    Kiyometa reacted to Brooksie359 in Which SSD shoul I buy   
    From what I have seen the mx500 and evo 860 are both at the limits of sata and have basically the same performance. That's talking from a stats standpoint. From a perception standpoint I would find it hard to believe anyone would be able to differentiate the two in a blind test.