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  1. ended up ordering the card since it's fairly priced at the moment, will pair it with AMD Ryzen 5 2600, after searching the www for it it seems to be a good option, what you guys think? it will be very nice as a cost for me
  2. budget around 250 usd for the proc itself, as for games I will want to play some of the upcoming games like CoD: Cold War, CyberPunk and whatever decent game will come next year, basically my goal is to make my pc decent enough to run most of games in good-ish quality for 2-3 years from now...not necessarily full quality but to have somewhat of a mid pc
  3. Yep, and as proc. a decent one to match ( in the close future ) which should it be? I am know little about procs. and stuff
  4. 1080p 60hz monitor ( will upgrade to 4k one day )
  5. I agree, things is that this is an old pc, and now with the few price reduction in this "black friday" period 2060 is decently priced in my area at the moment, and looking forward to buy a new proc. and more ram down the line since at the moment it's not possible, basically dealing with I buy in time thing since an upgrade is needed.
  6. I honestly don't really know for now, hoping I can get my hands on CoD: Cold War and few others, to avoid bottleneck what proc. what you guys recommend? budget friendly
  7. Hello guys, pairing an RTX 2060 with an i5-4460 with 12gb of ram, will it be a terrible idea? I currently have an 1050ti in the system, how bad the bottleneck will be with 2060
  8. Hello guys, i don't really know what to do anymore. It's my first experience with laptops and it sucks. My problem is that no matter how i try, at display adapter 1 i still get the Intel HD 640 Graphics adapter, instade of showing my GTX 1050Ti. As i mentioned i'm using Helios 300 PH317-52 Acer's Predator Laptop, the laptop is brand new, what i've tryed since now was complete reinstall of a windows, multiple times uninstal reinstal drivers of both vga and nvidia drivers, disabled my vga videocard through device manager without any succes, what else is there to try? I'm using the 105
  9. thank you very much,that means that i've finaly defeated the monster. Thank you again , and have a good one !
  10. Hello guys,i have so many questions and i'm such a noob that even the games call me newbie by default. I recently bought a new PC and boy it has cables...i'm using an non modular corsair PSU. My questions are... 1. I have an SSD just cliped to the side panel with a double tape is that ok? 2. All my cable management is somewhat done in the backside panel , and they are pretty much squeezed into the back panel , will that affect my pc in any means? 3. They cables do somewhat touch eachother,is that bad? Thank you, Pete.
  11. so it is an issue,thank you very much for the responses.
  12. i am refering strict to my modem,can this power thing cut my internet of for that second and come back?i have this isue since a while now and the power is my last to blame.i just keep loosing internet conection for 5 second to a minute when the power is an ish stability ?
  13. Hello lads,i have a question , maybe dumb maybe not , but , can power fluctuation in order of less than a second and it does not go away completely , my pc doesn't do anything wierd in that second , can it affect my internet connection?
  14. that i understand,but is it really the same HDD same Motherboard PSU everything?
  15. They are alot of variables,i don't think that you replicated the same pc.