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  1. Just tested a new monitor I borrowed from someone in the village... it's the monitor... kind of a good thing given the crappy gpu supply worldwide I suppose.
  2. I had a search but couldn't find anything. It looks like interlacing artifacts on the bottom third of my screen. Sometimes it's really clear and obvious, less so at other times but the transition between the 'good bit' and the 'bad bit' is really distracting. I've ordered another display cable in case something has mysteriously caused the cable to be kaput but that's really unlikely.
  3. After a few restarts it seems to be less noticeable when I'm using Chrome/other apps but it's immediately obvious when I open Blender and is still affecting some other apps like Chrome (on some tabs but not others)
  4. Good afternoon, I thought something was very odd with my screen and noticed that the bottom third of the screen is covered with lines, spaced a few pixels apart. I don't know if it has anything to do with it but I first noticed it when looking at a render made in Blender. I have tried plugging my computer into another monitor over HDMI (normally using display port) and it seemed OK. Unfortunately, even if I wanted to I couldn't use HDMI on my normal monitor as it only has display port. I also tried another computer connected to my monitor with the display port and it s
  5. Hi again.. Second time this evening but for a different pc. Set up a new pc for a friend using my monitor. Went to plug my monitor back into my pc and no output. I recognises that is has been plugged into something but no output. I've taken it apart (gave it a dusting as I went through). Took graphics card out and reseated it but still nothing. I've tried the cable in and out a few times but nadda. I recall that my computer has done this before and other than spending hours swapping cards around and taking things in and out I can't remember how I fixed it
  6. Solved. Had to run bios in legacy mode. All fixed.
  7. Good evening, Time to consult the higher powers. You guys. Building a PC for a friend of mine and the build went OK. Everything is in but two issues installing Windows. 1) Inserting his Windows 10 USB key (brand new) and nothing shows up. Nothing to boot from, no USB found, nada... as thought I had put fresh air into it. Try different ports, nothing. 2) Insert my copy of Windows 10 from which I have installed/reinstalled my PC a handful of times from and the install gets stuck at 16%. Try again, same thing. Try turning XMP off, same thing. Try using dif
  8. Oh an addition to that... I guess good airflow in your PC would also extend life cycles as the fans won't need to work as hard.
  9. I have always worked on a 5 year cycle. My graphics cards have always lasted at least that long. I sometimes upgrade early but then my card goes in my backup machine anyway. Both machines are on 24/7 365. That being said, whilst they are on full time they rarely get stretched, modelling in 3D CAD/CAM or using my rift is the only very occasional demand on them. I would feel pretty p**sed if mine only lasted 2 years. Sadly if it is out of warranty then that's the lottery of hardware really.
  10. OMFG. I am just the turdiest idiot in the world. I don't think you would believe me if I told you what was wrong so I will allow you to post your theories below and then click on the spoiler...
  11. The NVIDIA HDMI audio output is back in my audio tray again..... very suspicious
  12. Apologies, it came across that way and unhelpful at the time. The GSX really is better than my onboard sound and the little tweaks really do make gaming/voice better and easier than alternatives. I have literally tried as much as I can think of. I have stripped out all drivers and reinstalled them. I tried to roll back my system to a restore point but sadly there is some BS about not being able to do it due to anti-virus that cannot be overcome no matter how much I stamp my feet and disable it. I really think that it has something to do with NVIDIA HDMI a
  13. Gotta go out to take my missus out for 30th meal but wll try that when I get back. I've already tried something similar to no effect though
  14. Where is this setting? Looks like Windows 8 to me? Is there one of these screens for 10?
  15. I didn't say it was, but it is the better one. Not really the time or place for sniping about quality of gear mate.
  16. I get all sound through Headset Earphone. I get Windows only, no game sounds from Speakers (GSX 1000 main audio) - which is the good quality sound one. Nothing from Realtek Bose I get both
  17. Well either way, whether it can use the internal sound card or not it doesn't output sound at all when I set it as the default device.
  18. No, sadly the GSX 1000 is a USB external and so doesn't go through the sound card AFAIK, either way this doesn't work. No sound comes out in game or in Windows this way. Sound drivers have been reinstalled.
  19. Hi, This is more than the usual loss of sound issue from plugging in an additional monitor and I can't seem to find any help. I have a Sennheiser GSX 1000 external sound doohickey (love it BTW). Normally it functions well but there are two options for playing sound through them depending on the device selected, If I select the GSX 1000 main sound option in the Windows sound menu I get great sound, If i select Headset Earphone GSX 1000 communication I get terrible sound (I'm assuming that it just bypasses the external soundcard or something). Not an issue until today.
  20. I reinstalled Windows.. Which took an inordinate amount of time. Seems to have worked, I can only assume that a file got corrupted somewhere that windows could not detect. Still a little worried about the underlying cause of the issue, that there may be something wrong with my graphics card, pcie lanes or other that caused a cascade of nonsense and a loss of an evening's work. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  21. It seemed graphics card related previously. I don't think it is now. Cpu usage is not above normal. I just tried a system restore from a few days ago and it failed to do it... Said that antivirus was causing an issue. I closed the antivirus but it still failed.
  22. Sorry, when I said slow, I mean unusable kind of slow.