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  1. Updated BIOS, put on DOCP afterwards = ka-ching Thanks everyone
  2. There's 5 timing settings, do i just edit the last four? Currently on 16:18:18:18:38
  3. I can't get my ram to run at the speed its meant to run, tried changing in BIOS, but no luck Any ideas of why? ASUS ROG Strix B450-F GAMING AMD R5 3600 TRIDENT Z 3200MHZ
  4. The sound profile isnt a huge decider for me, but i want a dac/amp with volume dial and simply just less disturbed audio, anything you've used thet you're happy with?
  5. This is false, even the K3 sounds way cleaner in addition to no stuttering, which sonic studio 3 did.
  6. I need a DAC/AMP for the DT 770 pro's i already got a fiiO K3, but i'm not sure they're a good match, so im seeking assistance here. Im not looking at breaking the bank, and the selection in Norway is rather scarce, so bare with me. Anything from 100-300€ would be allright, i've been reccomended JDS Atom amp+dac but its 400€ here, and a bit too much for me. Any reccomendations?
  7. hm, ill just try retarting the pc once in a while and see if the problem persists, thanks
  8. Should be, fired right up when i installed the 3600. It's been working for a couple of weeks no problem, can it just break randomly?
  9. After i went into bios to fix fan profile, it didnt post again with no changes other than fan profile. When i reset bios again it launched fine and when i changed fan profile before booting into windows it went fine and pc is currently working It's just annoying if i need to reset bios every time i reboot the pc
  10. The problem here is that even after bios reset, it's still not posting if I turn it off again. Need to reset cmos everytime I think
  11. I tried to overclock my ram by just changing the speed in BIOS and now it won't post with orange light. I managed to get it to boot into windows by resetting the bios, but when I tried to go and change the fan profile in BIOS later it would not boot again with new orange light. Any idea what's happening?
  12. Norway got insane customer focused laws, but we pay 25% extra dont be too bummed about your 2-3 years I figure i will loose warranty too, but im not overclocking either so doesnt really matter!
  13. No point in buying a slower card for the same price Thank you! I will probably buy a 2060 and cry myself to sleep after spending 1500 over my original budget
  14. Would a used 1070ti be worth the slow RMA over a 2060? 1070ti used is about the same as a 2060 new
  15. Yeah, am 100% i cant get anything over a Rx590 (AMD- side) without getting a bigger PSU, so the Vegas are pretty much out of question..
  16. Not quite, as the site sometimes gets prices from Ebay. Used cards cant be compared to new ones.. But obviously if i'm going for the mid- range cards its going to be the 2060, as it stands out in bang for buck like the site says!
  17. In short: long term, get the 2060? (Future ray tracing titles + future 144hz monitor) The RMA is about 2 weeks over here, sometimes even shorter. Also, the i5 7400 isnt too weak for a 2060?
  18. Pricing is all wrong, we have 25% tax over here Also, there is only 1 card under 400$ there! Otherwise that website is great, i'm just afraid of bottlenecking..
  19. Assetto Corsa, Forza, Battlefield 1, Anthem i guess (dont have a gpu rn ), Assasins Creed,Maybe modded Skyrim, Dirt 2.0, Cyberpunk The 590 is only 10% better than 580, so i dont know if its worth it.. Note: A used 1070 is about 100-120CAD cheaper than new, and we always have 5 year warranty on stuff like that by law in Norway.