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  1. uhm. Vertical GPU bracket could work, i think its from cooler master
  2. *facepalms* who in their right mind would upgrade the case and not the parts???
  3. Try XMP 2.0 profile 1 and it should detect your ram at 3200
  4. Well, if you are GPU mining, OC your card to get the best performance, that's about all I would do
  5. Ok, i was literally getting ready to tell u to put 3.95ghz on the cpu at 1.4 volts but its cool. look under OC TWEAKER settings in advanced mode
  6. We will need this so that then we know if it can remain stable under load since it can create synthetic CPU load
  7. Do u have Aida64? We will need this so that then we know if it can remain stable under load
  8. Make sure whatever kind of XMP on the Ryzen side of things is switched on(if there is such a thing).
  9. Dude, just dont bother with BTC move over to Zcash, Litecoin or Etherium. WAAAAYYY better for the time spent
  10. Can we get a YT vid of this pls? This Seems....*breathes heavily* legitimate
  11. Good, now leave it running overnight though a POST clip and see if it still works
  12. https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=deepcool+genome&N=-1&isNodeId=1 HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM deepcool genome 2 2017 new version. HHHHHHMMMmmmmmmm
  13. until

    Don't hold your breath
  14. http://www.deepcool.com/product/case/2014-06/9_889.shtml deepcool steam castle i guess
  15. PCI GO AWAY?????? no thats for gpu's boi M8, I'm talking about new cases, for people building new systems. Also USB Type C is readily available.
  16. Case Manufacturers FINALLY TAKE A HINT and include USB Type C on all mid-range to high end cases *cough cough* NZXT Cooler Master *cough*