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    music, technology and eating


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    ASUS Prime A Z370
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance
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    GT 730
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    Phanteks P400S TG
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    NVMe 960 500GB
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    2 X Acer LED 27''
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    Dark Rock 3
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    Where do I start
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    Windows 10 64

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  1. Hi. The 3400G is the exact CPU ive been looking at. What MB do you suggest, ive been recommended to get an IPMI board but I dont really understand why this is important. Thanks.
  2. sorry for my slow response. I just want a simple NAS / Media server to ber able to stream movies and have a main file backup centre. I'm looking to spend around £400 / 500 without drives and would like 4 drives in total. I wont want the unit to work as a standalone and will access it though the LAN only. I can add a montor for setup etc when required. Ive been looking at a Ryzen with 16gb ram and a MB of some description. Do I need to be looking for certain componants for this. This is where I get a bit lost and dont know what to use specifically
  3. Hi folks. I would like to build a Nas for use as a network storage for the family, together with a media server for plex most likely. I have brrn looking at a few posts about building one instead of buying say a synology etc. I would like to try and future proof it with some decent specs, but would also like to keep it as small as possible. I was looking at the fractal node case as a starting point and ultimately want 4 x 4tb. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can get all the knowledge and component suggestions etc. I'm fine at bu
  4. Around a month ago I purchased a HP laptop from curry's being the one linked below. This is the second once I've had due to the first being replaced for noisy fans and a crap screen. To be fair it's a good unit but still has fan issues and the screen is quite poor. The specs are good but I know from looking that's these high rpm noisy fans are a massive issue. HP My Mrs has a Huawei Matebook D 2018 which she has always loved and I've admired. I've actually just taken delivery of the new Matebook D 14 2020 but have yet to open it. I ordered it so not to mis
  5. Thanks. Which did you go for.
  6. Ahh OK. So the ubiquiti all come with a POE in the box.
  7. Yes I've seen the ubiquiti many times. Am I right in saying they cannot be powered my mains and have to be POE. I don't really understand all that poe stuff.
  8. Hi. It has improved it from the standard Virgin Hub 3 which is renowned for being awful, but yes its not what I expected. How does a mesh work, is it not just a bunch of extenders. Sorry, I'm not up on the mesh tech. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone have a recommendation for a powerful access point to improve my poor WiFi. We have a large 5 bed house with solid walls. Want something with good range and decent speed. The TP Link EAP240 is not doing much for us unfortunately. I am UK based. Thanks.
  10. Hi, What is the best hard drive cloner / backup software to use on windows 10. I am looking for something similar to carbon copy cloner which is only on mac. I want to create regular backups of my DAW rig. Thanks. MIke.
  11. Cool thank you. Do you think the picture will look OK compared to my 2 monitors. Thanks.
  12. The msi 730 I have has a max resolution of 4068 x 2160. Would this be suitable for outputting to a single 43ish inch 4K tv. As I say no gaming will be done. Thanks.
  13. Thanks folks. Don't need anything special for gaming etc. The msi 730 had dvi and hdmi do as long as the output will be sufficient for a decent HD output then that's cool. Not bothered about 4k for the computer output. Mike.
  14. Morning folks. Just a quick one. Looking at getting a 43 inch 4k tv for my computer. Currently running 2 27 inch monitors from a simple gt730 2gb. Don't game so there's no concerns there. I'd there anything I will need or will the gt730 works OK. Not bothered about 4k as yet, just getting to futurproof and have the options for smart features etc. Thanks in advance. Mike.
  15. Hi Folks. Sorry is this is a little confusing. I have 2 computers setup in my studio one being a desktop and one laptop. I have 2 monitors running from my desktop and one additional monitor running from the laptop as I just keep the laptop at the side of the room. the additional monitor for the laptop is a little difficult to see so I have been trying to find a solution. so....... What I want is the second monitor for the desktop to be switched between the second desktop monitor and the monitor for the laptop, but also require a constant feed from the laptop to the additional