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  1. Problem: When I'm listening to a device through Bluetooth, the music stops and stutters on the last note. When it happens differs but usually within four minutes Question: Any suggestions before I resort to factory reset? Device description: Samsung S7. Bought three years ago. Good condition. Latest update Steps I've taken: Cleared Bluetooth cache as well as the cache partitions. Tried it with physical headphones, it worked fine so it's only through Bluetooth. The earbuds I'm using are brand new and the problem was also present in the last device I had. I tu
  2. So here's the deal. When I am watching something using VLC or Windows Media Player, the audio becomes very staticky after a bit. When this happens, the static carries over to things like Chrome and can only be solved by turning the media player off. This also carries over to other headphones and the laptop speakers. The one exception to this is the Movies and TV app on the laptop. That one does not cause the static or get affected by it. If anyone knows how to fix this, I'd be happy if you could help me. I am including the Dxdiag information DxDiag.txt
  3. Thanks for your input. And yes, I admit that I messed up. I should have researched it better. The CPU is already here so there's little I can do about it. I am actually upgrading my entire system and decided to do it in parts. Next month, I'll be upgrading my GPU and getting a decent PSU while I'm at it.
  4. Hello I have a 970. I have never had issues with it though. And yes. I should have done my research.
  5. Right. Thanks for all your help
  6. I have the worst luck in these things. I bought a 970 a week before they announced the pascal line. I don't suppose you know the release date of the I7 8700k? It might not be too late to return it
  7. Ya. I recently discovered my PSU is not the best. Next month I'll be upgrading my GPU which will force me to get a new one. I'm getting a quality one this time
  8. Thanks again. It´s kinda too late since the parts are already on their way. Have I made a terrible mistake?
  9. Thank you for responding. I have added the necessary information
  10. So I have decided to upgrade my motherboard, processor and ram as well as get an SSD I ran the numbers through a calculator and I should be ok with my 500W PSU But I was wondering, when upgrading something that isn't a GPU, should I worry about the PSU strength at all? PSU unit Corsair cx 500w CPU I5 4690k -> I7 7700k Motherboard Msi z97 gaming 5 -> Z170A gaming 5 Ram 8g DDR3 -> 16gb DDR4 SSD 850 EVO 500gb