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    Nattan got a reaction from Vitalius in Best $200 NAS compatible with Plex   
    at this price point you are probably better off buying an old tower off craigslist, adding a drive and using free nas which has a plex plugin
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    Nattan got a reaction from XtremeTechGaming in Future SETUP, NOT BUILD!!!   
    If you dont mind doing some work you could end up with something like this:

    but really it would depend on your room dimensions and what else you are trying to fit in there.

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    Nattan reacted to stevv in Attack on Titan (tribute game)   
    Based off the Manga / Anime, Fan made, unofficial and not fully polished (yet), but the main action moves and attacks works well and true to the series.  If you haven't seen the anime, you can check it out over at crunchyroll.  
    It's using Unity and you can try it just in the browser.  Single and Multiplayer!  
    The "3D Maneuver gear" can be a bit of a challenge to get around, but that's one of the most interesting ways to move around, as opposed to being easily able to jump around like like super beings.  Reminds me of the old school Bionic Commando (NES) where you have to grapple around.
    Check it out.  What do you guys think?



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    Nattan reacted to RuecanOnRails in Bitcoin mining   
    ASICS currently don't exist for Scrypt based coins. Scrypt is very heavy on memory usage which make the asics a little more difficult to create and much more expensive to manufacture. Due to that extra costs the market just isn't there for anyone to invest in developing a Scrypt ASIC
    Lets make a hypothetical machine.
    Using a GOOD 750 watt PSU, you can run 3 7950's that have been under volted (less power usage and lower temps, should be done regardless, win win)
    using only a 45 watt cpu with under volt and downclocked and give some more headroom.
    For bitcoin mining right now getting an assumed 550 M/Hash each. total of 1650 M/Hash.
    Currently My power costs .068 cents CAD per Kilowatt hour.
    Assuming the PSU is pulling max 750 from the wall.
    Revenue per day 5.67 USD Less power costs 4.45 USD  
    An Extra $133 per month in my pocket including electricity costs.
    As ASICS are more common, GPU mining will move onto Scrypt based coins such as Litecoin.
    Running the same rig with litecoin
    The hash rate of those 3 gpu's changes to 650 K/Hash * 3 1950 K/Hash.
    Revenue per day 7.21 USD
    Less power costs 5.99 USD
    $180 extra per month.
    Of course like you said, building such a rig will run about $1100 With an average pay off of about 6 and a half months. And as time goes by, the current value and difficulty changes rapidly to the point where one simply can not speculate.
    Buying into cryptocoins is a gamble. It comes down to do you want to Gamble with making a profit after 6 months and potentially unlimited but slow flow of coins, or buy coins directly now hoping their value doesn't drop the total you buy now will outlast the slow stream of coins from the miner.
    Best option would be a hybrid type of set up, were you buy only 2 gpu's and use the money from the third to buy coins directly. Then after a month or two see where everything is at and increase investment on whichever side appears more profitable whether that's hardware, or direct coin purchase. 
    Regardless of what choice you make, if you want to get into Crypto Currencies you are going to have to buy your way in as they have an actual value with large volumes trading these days. Chances of having the hardware on hand is slim, although somewhat likely for a tech "enthusiast" I had a few gigahashes worth of mining power just from previous builds and hardware I already had laying around.