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  1. I recently lost my Shure se-215, so I need to buy a new pair of IEMs to replace them. I have AKG K7XX headphones for when I'm at my desk, so these will be used when I'm on the go. I would prefer to spend around $100, but I could stretch it up to around $200 if it is really worth it. I liked how the Shures fit and they sounded ok. The only thing really lacking from them was media controls. The options I am currently looking at now are SE-215SPE with the cable with the remote, the 1 more triple drivers, the Sennheiser IE80, and the Fiio F9. Which of these is the best deal and is there another go
  2. I am planning on buying a Gigabyte aero 15 soon, and I want a dock to keep everything easy to manage. My requirements are for it to have dual 4k display outputs, at least 4 usb ports, and an ethernet port. The two main ones I'm looking at are this one from pluggable and this one from startech. Are there any other options that I should look at? Thanks.
  3. Hey guys. I need to figure out a way to sort my images by those that are taller than wide (eg. 9x16), and those that are wider than they are tall (eg. 16x9). I have images of hundreds of different aspect ratios, so I can't just use the grouping tool in file explorer. My idea was to duplicate my folder of images, and then have a program delete those that are taller than they are wide and vice versa. The reason that I want to automate this is that I have around 30,000 images that I want to sort, which are in four levels of subfolders. Does anybody have any idea on how to do this, or know of a pr
  4. I've been organizing the files on my computer, and my picture gallery of 20k images has been especially difficult to sort. This is because I want files to have multiple searchable tags, so I use specially named folders and subfolders so that I can search by tag. I just found out a problem with my old system, with plain numerical tags: you can't use OR operators with multiple folders that just have numbers as their names. I'm getting around this by adding a single letter to the beginning of the plain numerically named folders. This probably isn't interesting to most of ya'll, but it is very use
  5. I wouldn't recommend going 4k at that price point. There are a lot of compromises when you go there. If you really need 4k, then the AOC U2879VF seems decent for $300. Personally I would rather get a decent 1440p monitor, like the Asus PB278Q.
  6. You can do it here. You need to right click and save each episode individually, but kissanime generally has the highest resolution available, which is why I prefer it.
  7. It looks like one of the best phones available, and is very competitive with the oneplus 3 for the same price.
  8. Hey guys. I've been thinking about replacing the plexi window in my air 240 with one made from tempered glass. Based on my measurements, the glass piece needs to be between 12"x9" and 14"x10.75". Because of this, I plan on buying some 10x14 panes of tempered glass (so I can get this, instead of something custom). I plan on buying five feet of this u channel to around the edges of the cutout. Is there anything wrong with these selections? What tape would be ideal to attach the glass to the panel?
  9. I guess I'll look into that one some more.
  10. I have them at the lowest setting in which nothing overheats. My computer is on my desk, which makes it seem louder. I also didn't have any issue with my IEMs, but my open backed headphones make it a bit loud.
  11. Yes, my CPU cooler and my front fans, which are what I am planning on replacing. My PSU fan rarely turns on at all, and my GPU fan only turns on with a medium to high load (I use a custom bios). My case doesn't really work with custom GPU coolers, so that isn't a viable option.
  12. As I mentioned earlier, I have already bought everything in the PCPartpicker list. Also, M50Xs are pretty mediocre.
  13. Its not a new build. I got the GPU 3.5 years ago. I just adjusted the price to adjust a more current value. Also, I don't game much, so its fine for me. This monitor is still the cheapest decent 1440p monitor, and was leagues beyond anything else when I got it a year ago. If you had actually read the post, you would have seen that I am looking for upgrades: this isn't a new build. I want this to be as quiet as possible, so adding 80mm fans wouldn't help me.
  14. I recently bought AKG K7XX headphones which are open, so I've been trying to further reduce the noise coming from my computer. Below is the parts list for my current build. My plan is to replace the corsair AF120s with noctua nf-s12b redux fans. I also plan to use anti vibration mounts to further reduce noise. I plan to replace my intel stock cooler with a phanteks ph-tc12ls. Are these the best upgrades, or are there better options? FYI I won't use normal noctua fans, since I hate the aesthetic. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Xeon E3-12
  15. Hey guys. Today I'll finally be buying a new pair of headphones (in addition to a k70 and and extended mousepad). I've been looking at the AKG K7XX reds, but i just wanted to make sure that they are the best option for under $200. I will mostly use these to listen to EDM and the like, in addition to various youtube videos and podcasts.
  16. Well the one I'm looking at is 5mm thick, so it may be a bit worse than normal, but from my testing i don't think that it will be noticable.
  17. Thats an interesting way of thinking about it. I'll be using the feet for the keyboard so there will be less surface area, but this still applies to an extent. I tested this out with a two inch disk to mimic the keyboard's surface area, and i couldn't feel any significant movement.
  18. Hey guys. I'm thinking about buying a corsair k70, and I want a new mousepad to go with it because my current one is a picture of puppies. I'm thinking about getting an extended mousepad for both my keyboard and mouse, since most mousepads don't fit well with my desk configuration. The mousepad I've been looking at recently is the Reflex Lab Pro 36 Heavy, due to its nice features and reviews. My real question is if there is a noticeable difference in how mechanical keyboards fell when on this style of mousepad? This one is particularly thick, which may make the difference even greater than nor
  19. Hmm, I guess I'll look into those. I'm not buying anything quite yet, so I'll be researching different headphones for a bit longer.
  20. Given What I've seen here, I'll plan on get K7XXs (or possibly something else, like DT 880s) and buy an amp like the schiit magni 2 if it isn't loud enough.
  21. In that case, I won't upgrade now. My se215s aren't perfect, but they're good enough for until I can really splurge on my audio setup.
  22. From my calculations based on the sensitivity of my se215s compared to the K7XX, the se215s should be around 2.6x as loud. I generally listen at around 20%, so I think it would be fine, but I'm not sure. I personally can't justify spending that much on a dac. How much of a difference in quality is there between those and K7XXs when on onboard audio or with a cheap dac/amp?
  23. Are there any amp/dacs in this price range you would recommend, or is there no advantage over onboard audio at this price?
  24. Hey guys. So I'm thinking about upgrading my audio setup, and my budget is $300. My current setup is shure se-215s with my onboard audio. I mostly listen to EDM, but it occasionally varies. I want open backed headphones, for all of their numerous advantages, and I'll be using these at home, so leakage isn't an issue. Right now I'm looking at getting AKG K7XX headphones (once they're available again) and a Fiio EK10 as my DAC/Amp. Are there any other good alternatives, or is this basically the best option? Thanks.
  25. Hey guys. So I'm thinking about buying AKG K7XXs, but I want to know if I would also need to buy a new amp/dac to go with them. My current audio comes from the realtek alc892 on my asrock h97m pro4. I don't know that it would be loud enough since I currently use shure se215s with the audio around 16-30%, and they have a sensitivity of 107db/mW compared to the 93db/mW of the K7XX. Doing the math i think that means the the K7XX needs 2.15 times as much power, but I may be misunderstanding this. If I do need a new amp, then what cheap-ish options would be good?