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  1. So Fortnite is now bloatware . . . my god what day and age are we living in?
  2. You don't even need anything close to this. For most home and office builds a prebuilt will be cheaper. Just find something within your budget, anything with 8GB of RAM will work. Getting a small SSD for the boot drive would make the system much more responsive.
  3. This will sound dumb, but is your PSU on? That has happened to me too many times to count.
  4. What are you trying to do on this computer?
  5. Will I need to purchase anything else to get it working like a mic stand or something? It's not clear to me based on the product page.
  6. I don't know anything about audio so I figured I would ask here what I should buy for a mic. My Cloud IIs recently passed away and I purchased a pair of open ear headphones. Now I am realizing that I don't have anyway to communicate as I was using the built in mic on the Cloud IIs. I would like the mic to be a significant upgrade in audio quality over the headset mic and preferably between $50-100 dollars. Any suggestions? Also, will an external mic pick up the sound from the headphones considering they are open ear?
  7. Can you post a list of mods you are using? The issue has something to do with rendering. Disable mods until it works starting with anything to do with changing shaders and the look of the game.
  8. Just inspect element on that site and figure it out. That's the way I've always learned more in terms of programming.
  9. I think he was referring to the laptop with only Thunderbolt.
  10. Dang it, you stole my thunder. I currently run a 1060 6GB and play at 1440p 144hz.
  11. NVIADA said something about them increasing until Q3 2018 and then leveling off (not even dropping just leveling off).
  12. Just won Fortnite Duos with a random, my first time dropping double digit kills (11). I was so excited and then I realized that I hadn't taken a single point of damage all match. I'm getting better!