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  1. ----------------------------------------New info has come to light suggesting I have a hardware fault. Item is being replaced--------------------------------------------- Hi, Quick disclaimer, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place but it's a network card so I'm assuming networking is where to be I recently bought a Fenvi FV8801 off of Amazon here: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/fenvi-802-11AC-Bluetooth-2-4Ghz-300Mbps-5Ghz-867Mbps/dp/B01K4EAN58/ I installed it and everything else that I've found suggested - downloaded drivers from their site, checked devic
  2. Hi, Building my first PC soon and I wanted to get a cheap but reliable and relatively fast WiFi card for gaming, web browsing and video watching (of course!). I would like it to be subtle and fit inside my case - NZXT S340 - but fitting inside is not a must if there is an alternative that is easier/better (does that even make sense?) I have quite a small desk so that is why I'd like it to be in my build. Alternatively, if there's another solution to get signal from the downstairs front of my house to the upstairs back bedroom that is simple and cheap then I'd be gl
  3. Thanks! Thanks that's a great help I was looking at those yeah
  4. Hi there, I'm still new so not 100% sure this is in the right place, but I'm planning my first build and I've started buying parts. I wanted to know if there are any absolute musts when it comes to any particular screwdrivers or other tools when building that I need to buy. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the advice, I'm still considering changing to Ryzen
  6. Hi there, I hate to be another "how many watts do I need" post, but as I'm operating a super tight budget I want someone who knows what they're talking about to confirm I'm going to be buying the right thing; PSUs are important! So I have previously posted asking this but I changed my list up a bit and now it's a 1060 6GB instead of the 1050 Ti. I'd be really grateful if someone could take a look at this list - https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/Yhn3r7 - and confirm the PSU is right and if you want to, any other comments about the build in general. Thanks
  7. Thanks! This has saved me a lot of time trawling through the Internet looking through people with a grudge complaining about the product.
  8. Hello! I am planning my first PC build as a Christmas present to myself this year. I've budgeted carefully to make sure I have roughly enough for the type of system I want, but I've hit an obstacle. I was quite happy to chuck a cheap Corsair psu into my list of parts to buy (https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/79CQ4C) but then I had an epiphany! The power supply is more important than you first think, and is easily overlooked. I should probably ask my question now... What I want is a power supply that is, y'know, decent, but I really need it to be no more than £60 (preferably