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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
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    Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming
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    16GB Corsair Vengence RGB Pro 3200Mhz
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    Asus ROG Strix RTX2080 Super Advanced
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    Samsung S20 FE 5G

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  1. So im having this problem over a week now and I just cant find a solution for it. The problem is that if im not using my pc for more than 15-20 min, it suddenly freezes and the only way to fix it is by hard resetting the pc using the power button. At first I thought it was a ram issue but I've tested both of my ram sticks and they seem to work completely fine alone and together on other systems. I have a Ryzen based system (3600X on stock values), 16GB ram on 3200Mhz and an asus strix b450-f gaming board. Im thinking its a windows issue, but that issue wasnt resolv
  2. Can I replace this ram using warranty? Ive used XMP, is that considered warranty voiding?
  3. *Update* - After some testing, ive found out that the problem was the Ryzen based power plans on Windows, the "Ryzen High Performance" seems to be the problem, switched to "Balanced" (the one that windows recommends) and it seems to work normal now. Hi all! So a weird thing started to happend on my computer, and I think it's on the ram side.. When I log on to my pc everything is fine, but if I dont use it for around 30 mintutes, suddenly it getting stuck and I cant use it unless I hard reset it. The reason I think it's a ram issue is because when that stuck ha
  4. Thanks for the detailed replay! honestly, 2.5G ethernet is not a big deal for me since my house supports up to 100MB on LAN (kill me please, but thats what I deal with), I wont use an APU so I dont care for the I/O video outputs, BIOS updates are annoying no matter a button or not, so I dont care doing a few more steps to make an update), 3 PCIe slots are cool but Ill probably never use 2, so I really dont need 3, USB-C is always nice, but ill need to buy a new case anyway to use it in this case.. Considering the current state and my needs, ill end up getting the X570
  5. I wish I had more options, but in the current state of things, the market on my country is just bad, really bad, these are the only two boards ive found that worth the money (200$ for the X570 is a steal considering the fact its 270$ msrp). Ill probably end up getting the X570, thanks!
  6. Yeah, when it comes to features I know ill need only a B550, but since they are the same price, wanted to make sure ill make the right choice
  7. Hello! So around a year ago, I've bought a new awesome gaming rig with a 3600X and a B450 board. I haven't expected it to come that fast, but I've managed to put my hands on a new fast and cool PCIe 4 M.2 drive, and now I obviously need to get a new motherboard to support it. My question is, B550 vs X570! since these two chipsets exist for some time now, I wonder what will be the better option. First of all, ill probably use the board on stock settings (ill probably set up a fan curve and enable PBO, but unlikely ill OC the CPU. I've found an X570 board (Aorus
  8. Well for now im running PBO and it looks like it will do the trick.. I guess once ill start video editing more and do more heavy multicore tasks ill come to the oc drawing board.. Thanks!
  9. The problem with stock is that my CPU temp bumps into 60C on desktop and chrome (since on stock 2 cores are getting a boost every few min to do everything better), so im not so sure what to do here.. also I do some really tiny video editing usually of my shadowplay from nvidia, so that is also something to take in mind i suppose..
  10. On single core test OC gave 477 and stock gave 481.. Also, ran the normal test on Cinabench with the OC setting and my pc crashed almost instantly after the test started, is that normal it will crash under the multicore test? After ive put the voltage on 3.2 the multicore test went a-ok. I guess stock gave a bit more juice since the voltage is way higher..?
  11. So after a week with my new rig ive dicided to start OC my bad boy called the Ryzen 5 3600x! And here is my end results based on personal needs and stuffs (mostly gaming on this bad boy): Ive managed to boost up the clock speed from 3.8 to 4.275GHz on 1.3V, 65C max on full load! Now ive tried to push up for 4.3GHz but that is achivable only when I set the voltage to 1.4V, that makes my CPU pretty toasty at really heavy load tasks (max temps went 85 at times, yikes!). All of my stress tests and oc tweaking was made with Ryzen Master and RealBench. Im using alonside
  12. So should i set up a fan curve to reduce the noise when the cpu is over 40c or i should live with the noise in order to maintain good preformence at all times?
  13. So I've recently picked up Ryzen 5 3600x and paired it with Strix B450-F Gaming and Strix LC 360 AiO. For some reason, when I set the power plan on my PC to high performance or balanced, the cpu temp on idle goes up to 48-55, sometimes even 60. Every power plan does this (even the AMD Ryzen custom ones), the only plan that works fine is the preset Power Saver plan. I haven't oveclocked the cpu and it runs on default setting and voltage. Does someone else in here having this issue or something similar to this issue? I would really like to set my power plan to high perfor
  14. Hello people of the LTTForums! So ive just built a new PC (WOOP!) and I own the ROG Strix LC 360 AiO Cooler (smexy af tbh). Now ive went into BIOS to disable mobo rgb lights when the pc is off, but I cant find a way to disable the RGB effects on the AiO pump. Also looked for some software tweaking, but the "Armory Crate" gives me nothing when it comes to shutdown state rgb effects. Is there a way even to disable those lights when the PC is off? I know there is somewhere.. Thanks for the support! And for those who wonders: Ryzen 5 3600x 16GB Cors
  15. Hello! im looking over some features of the GPU TweakII for my 1070 Strix. I wonder what "Game Booster" does.. someone familiar with this feature? I would like to get some reviews ;D