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    Ritzkpl got a reaction from Lalit Kumar in What kind of phone should i get? (detail inside)   
    I have 2 recommendations for you, 
    1st would definitely  be the Poco F1, its cheap and  pretty powerful in terms of processing power. It's the best bang for the buck phone currently on the market,
    it has:
    processor: snapdragon 845(flagship phones from 2018 like samsung note 9 used this chip)
    storage : 64gb/128gb
    ram: 6gb
    battery:4000 mah
    price: around $300
    also it has a notch and a headphone jack
    And if you want something with lower price and performance , i would suggest you get Xiaomi Mi A2, it's one of the best budget phone out there currently, it has
    processor: snapdragon 660(way inferior than sd845 but can run games at high easily, you can run PUBG mobile at 60fps) 
    storage: 64gb
    ram: 4gb
    battery: 3000 mah
    price: around $200
    also it doesn't have a notch and the headphone jack is missing as well.
    in addition to that Mi A2 runs on Android one(stock android)
    Both these phones are great, if you look for other alternatives you wont find similar performance close to these phones for similar price, they also get frequent and latest updates from google
    if you can spend little extra i say go for the Poco F1