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  1. Can you guys recommend some alternative programs to RDP, some of my fathers work require RDP and he was searching for the best alternatives since he was having trouble connecting with older versions of windows. Any paid or free alternatives would do, it just has to work across different versions of windows and through internet as well. Thanks.
  2. yeah, it's on integrated gpu and it can't be changed
  3. Yes, i can even launch some games from the integrated graphics, i didn't have the problem of photo.exe opening via dedicated gpu before, but when the problem started, vlc also started running on dedicated graphics so when ever i watch any video the temps just rises up.
  4. Can anyone tell me why the microsoft photo is running on the dedicated gpu instead of integrated gpu? Normally on idle the temps are around 48 to 52 degress but when the photo.exe uses the dedicated gpu, my system temps just rise up to 62 degrees and the fan speeds up as well and when the terminate the app from task manager idle temps returns to normal, the app just starts up randomly. I've scanned my pc for any potential virus and it turned up empty. Does anyone have a solution for this or is facing similar things. My laptop is Predator helios 300 with i5 7th gen and gtx 1060
  5. i have specified the Ram/storage in the 1st sentence, as for why would i want other phone is that i originally wanted to buy n7 pro but it was not available when i bought the y9 so now i am able to buy a newer one, A50 is also a viable option. Also i prefer a phone which has stock like ui or atleast rootable
  6. I am currently using Huawei Y9(2019) with 4gb/64gb config and now i am going for a new one. My options are Xiaomi Note 7 pro and Samsung A50, while the n7 pro is obviously cheaper and has better processor, the A50 has better screen and an extra camera. I am conflicted between these two devices as i can get n7 pro 6gb/128gb for the same price as the A50 with 4gb/64gb. I usually don't play graphics heavy games on my phone, so i would like to ask will those extra 2gb of ram make any difference to the user experience? Sometimes when i use chrome i end up opening 100+ tabs in it, until now i haven'
  7. Can someone explain the working principle of Google Stadia. Is it like the wide scale adaptation of PlayStation's remote play?
  8. Thanks for all that info, btw my previous phone was also samsing j2(2016) J210F, and i had lineage os for it, i couldn't play many games due its limited ram but social apps ran smoothly, when installing Gapps i chose the aroma version where you could select the default apps you wanted. And if the phone was performing slowly i set the background process limit to No background process from the developer options. i got the rom from here https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/rom-lineageos-14-1-t3680656
  9. of course i have searched for it in xda forums, can you tell me normally how long after the release of any phone will the custom roms start appearing, is it like 3-4 months ?
  10. I have 2 recommendations for you, 1st would definitely be the Poco F1, its cheap and pretty powerful in terms of processing power. It's the best bang for the buck phone currently on the market, it has: processor: snapdragon 845(flagship phones from 2018 like samsung note 9 used this chip) storage : 64gb/128gb ram: 6gb battery:4000 mah price: around $300 also it has a notch and a headphone jack And if you want something with lower price and performance , i would suggest you get Xiaomi Mi A2, it's one of the best budget phone out there curre
  11. I would like to know if there is a custom rom for Huawei Y9 2019(JKM-LX2 C636), or if anyone is even developing one for the said model. If you have any information please post some links. Thanks.
  12. i do like the genre, i play PUBG mobile on my laptop, i would like to know that is it's fan still strong or will it die out within 6 months or so
  13. Should i buy PUBG during the ongoing sale?
  14. How much fps do you suppose i will get if i enable DXR in battlefield V with something like GTX 1060 or 1070?
  15. I have done that just now and i get really low fps with latest drivers and now i have gone back to the previous driver, i also have the helios 300 i5. The latest drivers are just buggy.