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  1. It's time scrapyard wars goes back to the scrapyard! Since on YouTube people always claim how easy it has become to build a PC, go further back in time. ATX is around since the late 1990-ies. YouTube after 2005 - almost a decade in between. It has always been easy! So the task would be: build a AT based PC. And for the fun: do some office work! Some task like: digitalize a document (by type it in or scan or or ...), transfer it to the other team, they have read it and print it. Transfer could be via network or floppy disks or tape drives. I don't care. Teams can agree o
  2. your code above looks ok. Thats the one you use to download the initial jar file? so what is the downloaded jar file doing? and why are the icons you show "pdf" while you are talking about jar files? Thats all a bit weird...
  3. That would still work even without that stand ?
  4. Oh thank god. I have to admit I was a bit concerned when I noticed that stand in the background of another video. A lot of youtubers criticized Apple for such a product or wrinkled their nose when it was announced. But I see a lot of them still having purchased one or even two of them. That to me goes against some of their credibility. Because it makes these products work. And stuff like that is not supposed to work. No other manufacturer should pick up on this. Don't go buy such things. So thanks for having a calm look at it - and now lets forget about it ? (the only accepta
  5. this needs a part II where both swap tools. And then talk about whats cooler on the other side of the wall ?
  6. time to sell boxes in the background to viewers to choose or create! :D 

  7. its time for NVMe drives in RAID0 on PCIe 4.0 mainboards (without additional extension cards). just how far consumer mainboards can go ?
  8. it is a specific syntax and formalism that assumes people can write it and properly read it as well. And not all UML terms necessarily translate too well in your programming language. I encountered quite some situations where even senior developers would misunterstand some of the diagrams. Also, these diagrams suggest being true. But often they are not. And some UML tools allow you to disable custom mode and turn on strict mode. Haven't met many people that are then able to create a diagram... not the most humane technology - but that is just my opinion. That cer
  9. I'm not aware of this ? For example java projects usually copy a lot of jar files around and load them into memory (e.g. zip files with compiled classes). So file I/O and also cpu power (to create or extract these compressed files) comes into play. Nodejs projects have even more files going around. Then you may need a database for local development (be it a docker container or something else). So what may be a deployment of 2-3 servers should be run in a light version on your machine. So get what you can! The spec you have looks ok to start with (as mentioned above: more RA
  10. The topic is a bit broad like this, no? I would start here with the team. Go with them through the thought process of why you consider the code to be spaghetti code. About what changes to it would bring what benefits and so on. If it was your direction some reflection on how it all turned into this sort of code may be good as well ? If the team are mostly volunteers it's important you agree on a work mode rather than have one person decide on it. You make them spent their time with UML. Would you want that would it be the other way around? I am not convinced at
  11. to me this is great news. the terminal situation on windows is quite behind what you have on linux or on macos. Sure there is bash for windows but the details... the details... if the terminal is any good this makes my macbook obsolete. Windows in an office environment just working nicely. Of course there is MS Office - hate it or not, its there. Docking station support is there, attaching a hdmi cable without restarting some x-server or other funky thing in a terminal just works. Driver support, battery life for notebooks... there are a couple of reasons to use windows and live with the drawb
  12. Aircool all the things! I ended up with aircooling the PC's I build. Servers do aircooling, that was my reasoning. The watercooled ones where more quiet (I think, didn't measure it, just what I felt at the time). And that "breathing" effect of fans spinning up isn't that present. And nicer to look at - I miss that part. But more work! Mooooore work! Once the PC is build, I'm a lazy man - aircooled: way less work! Tearing apart a custom loop with hard pipes takes so much time! And aircooled is hell cheaper. So I can spend the saved money on more RGB fans - and don't save any ? W
  13. I would deny the "shitty" part. And I will argue that their devices are well designed. Just open up a 5 year old macbook... two fans, heatpipes in two directions... hot air blown out towards the (glas) display, not your hands - stuff everyone does - nowadays, just took some manufacturers years to adopt this design. I'm glad Apple did this, because now I can buy Windows Notebooks with USB-C and Thunderbolt and similar comfort. And better keyboards Progress! I agree: it would be way better if there wasn't a compromise necessary. But show me any device that doesn't do that? Even desk
  14. there are some nice tutorials around as running scripts remote seems to be a part of powershell. depending on what you want to do you may also have a look at ansible. supports windows too and can run powershell scripts too ?
  15. silence. for me silence is key. I use both windows notebooks at work and a 2013 mac book pro. Not for video editing - software development. The longer builds may take 20 minutes. usually around 2-7 mins. If you have render times of 20 minutes, 1 minute less with a lot of noise isn't worth it for me. I prefer the device to not sound like a leaf blower. Thats why I like the mac book pro more in those cases compared to windows machines that spin up fans way more. both hardware gets hot. And having a quiet notebook is better for my office neighbours too. For me there are quite som