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  1. And your advice? 11+7 overlaps with 6. Two neighbors use 6.
  2. What about channel width? I live in the suburbs.
  3. But my neighbors are already using channels 1, 6, and 11.
  4. My neighbors are using channels 1, 11, 6, 4, and 5, they are all at 20MHZ. My router supports 1-13. What would be the best configuration? Router info: Huawei HG8247H 2.4GHZ Channels 1-13 Channel width 20MHZ, 40MHZ 802.11b/g/n Region: Pakistan SSID: Network Total devices connected at a time: 9 WIFI Analyzer snapshot attached. Thank you. 2017-12-04-231600.csv
  5. Thank you for your advice. Most jobs in my area require PHP, SQL and Javascript. But almost all of them require a 4-year degree.
  6. Thank you! Is C the one that is the earlier version of C++?
  7. I don't mean to appear too needy but could everyone provide a list of languages in order which i should learn them or in what way approach web development as a self learner.
  8. How do i determine what i might be better for, front end or back end?
  9. Essential languages for front end are html, css, java script? I think i will learn these online for now, maybe if i end being any good at them i will join a short course for something more advanced.
  10. Thank you for replying so fast. If I go the back end way, do i still need to learn java script? And is SQL necessary?
  11. History about me: After high school i got into a very good university to study electrical engineering, but just a couple months into the first semester i developed epilepsy. It and side effects from its medication completely ruined my life. My memory suffered and I couldn't do basic math calculations. I failed every single course. So i took a break from studying and after a year of no significant improvement in health I decided to study something with less math and went with Environmental Sciences. After four semesters depression took over, started failing everything again. It has been six yea
  12. They are both using SATA/600.