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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to WikiForce in which case is better? both budget options   
    So i am really confused b/w these cases from an India brand that's making alot hype with their cases, peripherals and PSUs. They are pretty new to the market but making good quality products as review ratings show.
    I like the look of latter one but first one looks good as well have front mesh for good airflow and has tons of rgb fans but it's bit expensive for me as i wanna stay under ₹2500 ideally and other one is only 200 more than that. Also, efficient lowend to midrange components don't require that much cooling and i read a convincing answer that's it doesn't matter much and probably better in some cases, is that true? So it's pretty tough to choose the winner here for me. Hopefully someone can clear it up to me.
    1. Ant Esports ICE-211TG

    2. Ant Esports ICE-130AG
    [Both are listed on same page so you can look at others too and recommend me to them but i don't like other's look much even though they might be like 500 cheaper]
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to WikiForce in Redragon M609 RGB Gaming Mouse - Epic Budget Gaming Mouse Review   
    So being stuck with a cheap, weird looking, heavy, uncomfortable mouse for several months because my sister just because my sister couldn't spend ₹250 more on a much more decent one which i finally own now, it's amazing in almost every aspect though does have shortcomings (pretty minor) like every budget mouse.
    One of the most exciting and unbelievable thing about is despite having thousands of reviews for all of it's 5-6 different models, it still maintains a pretty healthy and amazing rating of 4.5 out 5 stars on amazon. All other decent mouse i have seen around this budget or under ₹1000 are rated anywhere around from 4.1 to 4.4 stars despite having far less no. of reviews and as we obviously know about the math of reviews, the higher the count the more chances of less overall product rating due to more people with bad experience or issues.
    Despite it being way better than my previous one in most things, i still have three complains, i wish cable was braided (with gold plated connector ideally), scroll wheel was more smooth (makes a little noise as well) and even with highest 3200 DPI the movement feels a slightly less compared to my previous mouse.
    Otherwise, the accuracy of sensor, the optical switches and the overall quality of buttons is top notch. I really love it's RGB lights as well. Has colors ranging from Red, Green, Blue and Purple depending on the DPI level selected. It has a great sensor and i love the looks as well, one of the most aesthetic budget mouse, you could also say.
    So let's get back and look at what was wrong with my previous mouse, i had a XMate Zorro, weirdly, there are many clones out there of it on amazon itself so i am not sure which one is the original but it doesn't matter as they are pretty much the same price.
    So i got this mouse for ₹500 back in July and my first impression of it was it was very heavy, took me several days to get used to it's heftiness but then there was also an issue of click not responding sometimes (occasionally) which was not that much of an issue then one of the biggest annoyance for was it was seriously uncomfortable to hold in hand, even the last day i used that mouse (couple of days back), it was just not pleasing at all. It might have looked OK normally but never was able to take a good photo of it so it prove looks weren't on it's side as well.
    I have told you the whole story but no mention of the mouse name (make and model) itself, so presenting you the epic ₹729 (10$) Redragon M609, got it for ₹60 off on the Republic Indian Sale on Amazon India.
    [Notice : The whole article is copied from my site, i don't get any clicks on google despite some impression so nobody really sees it so i thought it would be better to post it here and get some attention.]

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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to Den-Fi in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    Beethoven and Bach super overrated.
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    TopHatProductions115 got a reaction from sub68 in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    Thin and light laptops (especially ones that have no swappable parts and are impractical to recycle) are nothing more than delayed e-waste, and are not allowed to be part of any portfolio that claims to be carbon-neutral.
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to FakeNSA in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    Not in line with the conversation of this thread, but here goes!
    I personally have very strong moral convictions (conservative christian) but I don't believe I have the right to enforce those convictions on others.
    Obviously if you are harming another, there is legal action to be taken, but otherwise: Your life is your own, to improve or harm as you will.
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to Den-Fi in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    A good chunk of people who believe themselves to be open-minded are among the most mentally shackled.
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to LoganDark in Aurora 7 Laptop is CRAZY   
    This laptop understands me. Not everything has to be thin and light. Fuck that trend.
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to SansVarnic in Aurora 7 Laptop is CRAZY   
    Lol, not bad but I have a feeling someone has been watching to many "hacker" movies.
    This has no real-life practical use case.
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to sub68 in Aurora 7 Laptop is CRAZY   
    thats a thicc boi
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to WereCat in Aurora 7 Laptop is CRAZY   
    Mobile Desktop when looking at that massive thing. The spec make no sense, there should be a Quadro by default.
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to bcredeur97 in Aurora 7 Laptop is CRAZY   
    can already see youtuber stock traders buying this thing 
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to SavageNeo in Aurora 7 Laptop is CRAZY   
    still. if someone does professional work and need Cuda, 1060 is not that good option.
    also 9900k when there are much better cpus out there. 9900k is still a beast but there are better options form AMD and from Intel
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to FakeKGB in Aurora 7 Laptop is CRAZY   
    A 9900K with a 1060?
    What year is it?
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to D13H4RD in Enlighten me about Resizable Bar please..   
    The drop you're seeing is more than likely just typical run-to-run variation. Resizable BAR doesn't actually do anything until it sees that the processor, motherboard, graphics hardware and graphics driver indicate support for the feature. Since the GTX 1080 Ti doesn't support the feature officially, even though the feature is active in the BIOS, it doesn't actually do anything because no PCIe device has indicated itself as supporting it. 
    And I personally am not terribly hyped for the feature. It can deliver some significant gains in performance on 1-3 games but that's firmly an "in the future" kind of deal. Overall performance gains are in the low single digit percentage, and some games have degraded performance by a similar amount or worse. 
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to TargetDron3 in US Military says Drone Zerg Rushes may be Overpowered   
    I'm sure a swarm of drones is susceptible to the same things a swarm of people are.  Anti-aircraft flak will solve those problems.   
    More technology isn't always the answer.  Sometimes the simple things will screw up technology pretty quick and for very cheap.
  18. Funny
    TopHatProductions115 reacted to rcmaehl in US Military says Drone Zerg Rushes may be Overpowered   
    US Army Generals are reporting that drone swarms may be too much for a human to counter.

    My thoughts
    OMG CHINA I SAID NO ZERG RUSH 5 MINUTES. Regardless, it's interesting to see how robotics is changing warfare. Perhaps, in the future we'll have to study how gamers have previously defended against hypothetical attacks and implement them in a more realistic way. I'm sure that within the next few years, some countries will have a space weapon.
    Forbes (Quote Source)
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to Radium_Angel in xeon phi for x264?   
    With bespoke encoding software (written to take advantage of all those cores) you'd do great...
    ..but getting said bespoke software is the challenge.
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to colonel_mortis in Older Status Update Hyperlinks/URLs No Longer Work   
    Fixed in the next status updates update (in the next few days)
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    TopHatProductions115 got a reaction from Spotty in Older Status Update Hyperlinks/URLs No Longer Work   
    OS: Windows 10 Pro, v2004
    Browser: ungoogled-chromium, 87.0.4280.141 (Developer Build)
    Steps to reproduce/what were you doing before it happened?
                    When using older hyperlinks/URLs to access already-existing LTT status updates, the client is instead redirected to the profile page of the user who created the status update.
    What happened?
                    I was redirected to my own profile page, instead of the status update I was intending to modify/update.
    What did you expect to happen?
                    I was expecting to be sent to the status update that used to sit at the linked location.
    Link to a page where it happened, if applicable:
    Screenshots of the issue, if applicable:
    Any other relevant details:
                    The older links appear to get shortened to something like this:
                    But the parameters don't appear to do anything in this case, so it just goes to user profile instead.
    If it's a cloudflare error, what was the ray ID from the bottom of the error page?
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to Nware0 in Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!   
    Hello all !
    Did anyone do this in Linux system ?
    In windows we have this file nv_dispi.inf which contains pci device Id
    Anyone know what file or files contains pci device id in nvidia driver on linux ?
    Or any tip how to add pci Id to driver ?
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to Zodiark1593 in Is PC gaming going to price itself out of relevancy?   
    Offline rendering had used hybrid techniques for quite a long time, as ray tracing was expensive even for movies and animation. As an example, Pixar’s Renderman had only moved to a fully path traced engine in 2016. Before that, the Reyes method was used, with ray tracing being incorporated later on. 
  24. Informative
    TopHatProductions115 reacted to Mira Yurizaki in WD Black vs Seagate Barracuda   
    On specs alone, the Seagate drive has the most value for it. I really don't see a reason to get the WD Black at that price point.
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    TopHatProductions115 reacted to explosivetnt in Nvidea Tesla K80 for Folding@home?   
    Didn't someone on here do a folding server build with either the k80 or k40? You could try to find that and ask them.
    Oh right, it was project steamroller