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    i7-4790k @ 4.7GHz
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    Asus Z97 Pro
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    16GB GSkill DDR3-1866
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    EVGA 780 Classified
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    Corsair Crystal Series 570x
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    500GB Samsung 840 EVO, 2TB WD Black, 3TB WD Red
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    NZXT Kraken 52x
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    Ducky Shine 5
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    Mionix NAOS 8200
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    BeyerDynamics DT 880 Premium / Mayflower Electronics Objective 2 ODAC/Amp
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    Windows 10
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  1. I mean... Sonos products sound fantastic is why they're popular... also a lot of built in functionality with the app and wifi... not sure what you didn't like about it? ....it does live in its own ecosystem like Apple, which can be off-putting, and they are expensive products for what you get, but you're the first person I've ever heard complain about the sound quality o.O... as I said before.... this particular application is for a small bedroom and the soundbar alone is super overkill... If I was going to spend that on a regular setup I'd be looking at 2000w SVS sub paired with this:
  2. Well.... just in case anybody wants to go ahead and not make the same mistake I just did.... that little speaker sounds AMAZING.... it won't, however, connect to my TV via Bluetooth.... which it physically HAS, and uses during setup with the app... but there's no way to connect it to the TV unless you get the soundbar..... lame.... so I guess I'm custom building a corner shelf to house a soundbar and the budget just went up lol
  3. honestly..... I doubt you'd notice the difference other than needing a bigger DAC to power it... I know this is probably your first set of nice phones but ur definitely overthinking it at this point lol
  4. 770 - Closed - excellent bass, less soundstage (better for music) 880 - Semi-Open - flat curve, good soundstage (best studio monitor / good compromise--my personal daily driver) 990 - Open - less bass, excellent soundstage (better for gaming) The problems people have with any of these are the same problems people will have with any closed/semi-open/open design... that being said... I haven't specifically used a 1350... I own the other 3... so I can't vouch for them specifically vs the others
  5. It'll be sitting in a box in my closet.... I'm not in any hurry to get rid of it, it just so happened to be available after next week... feel free to PM me if you want it whenever and assuming I haven't built something else with it, it's all yours
  6. thank you... I've been asking this for about 3 days now and people keep wanting to recycle their talking points after I agreed with them... thank you for actually being helpful and answering a question...
  7. Do I need a pump for a helix res? Y'all don't see the humor in the EK Support response.... ok.... GOT IT.... Do I need a pump for a helix res?
  8. What I'm saying is.... you can get an industry standard mic and at least an equivalent headset if not better for $30 cheaper than that "package deal".... I've got a DT 770 pro and a DT 880 pro.... I like the DT 880 Pro a little better cause it gives you some air and a lot better soundstage... but the 770's have noticeably better bass and way better occlusion from your surroundings since the 880's are semi-open... I'm also not sure what the stand is like for that package... boom stands are probably what you will end up with regardless but that setup is little beyond your budget....
  9. alternatively you just get a pair of $150 beyerdynamic phones and a blue yeti for $100.... that leaves you $50 in the budget find a boom stand, suspension mount, and pop filter.... which won't quite cover it but you'd have a typical streamer setup for an extra $100.... you could forgo it and deal with the sound of bumping your desk with the stand it comes with for $50 less than budget, a quality mic, and quality phones that have an upgrade path if you ever plan to record
  10. did you read this dude's responses? o.O I had not considered the company policy thing... I thought the response to an open-ended "take my money" thing was so unspectacular it was amusing... it wasn't incorrect... it was just amusing... I kind of understand the army of utilitarian EK Support defenders here, but like, they also missed a clear RMA... I'm still clearly about purchase a large sum of products from them... lol... the support team just reminded me how they were a satellite state of the USSR years ago they also *do* have many products that would have fit the bil
  11. the logical loop order doesn't matter... the liquid reaches an ambient temp after a few cycles and stays there regardless of configuration... so a helix res could go before/after the CPU run from the distro block for the purpose of filling the blank space in the top-right and looking cool... because it's a custom loop... it's there to look cool.... I was curious if it needed a pump cause it seems like a helix res should pressurize and be no different than running an indirect route with hardline? I could be wrong? nobody "needs" a custom loop.... it is by definition excessive.... wi
  12. I gave them the entire build list and what I had in my EK cart... the case was designed by EKWB in collaboration with InWin... nothing is blind or unknown here... My expectation was to be pointed to a few products on their website as a possible additives to the loop... that's..... wildly out of line? o.O Then just from a did you do your job aspect... there's the whole extra radiator won't fit in the case with the GPU mounted vertically thing... and after some perusing through other builds in the same case, of which there aren't many... the 360 SE Classic radiator is the
  13. I just ordered a Sonos One SL.... should do what I need done and then some... if I want to expand it later I can get another for stereo
  14. I'd go with Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro or DT 990 Pro phones and a modmic.... both phones circumaural so they don't abuse your ears and priced ~$150.... the 770's are closed and give better bass... the 990's are open and have a better soundstage... (there are other brands that are worth a look at the price point--AudioTechnica/Sennheiser specifically, but I use Beyerdynamic, like their sound curve better, and can vouch for them specifically) they sound amazing, have good build quality, will last forever with a few earpad changes, and they aren't reaching into that super-audiophile $500+ paying for
  15. my dudes… I have a 5.2 Klipsch/SVS home theater in the living room if I want to watch a movie, lol… I need a smol speaker for a smol bedroom that can sit on a small corner shelf, not sound like garbage, and recreate some warm bass… I don’t even have room for a mini sound bar …. was looking at the Sonos One or a JBL Bluetooth… my echo show in the kitchen sounds pretty legit as well… I assume and echo without the screen would do the trick? see the shelf below the tv… need to fit on that if I wanted a soundbar the budget would be much, much larger lol