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    Auckland, New Zealand
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    Mountain Biking
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    intel Xeon X5650
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    Asus P6X56D-e
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    PNY Geforce GTX 770 4096MB
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    Azza Solano 1000b
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250Gb
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    Cooler Master Silent pro Gold 800w
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    HP L2445w + HP LP3065
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    Cooler Master Sidon 120
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    Apple USB keyboard with numeric pad
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    Microsoft basic USB mouse on Logitech G240 mousepad
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    Logitech Z105
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    Pop OS 20.10
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    MacBook Air 2020

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  1. yesterday my PC bluescreened and after that it has not been waking up from sleep. when I force shutdown and I turn it back on and it the fans spin and then they stop and then they turn on again and the motherboard says there was an overclocking failure, even though it is running at stock settings. Asus p6X58D-e motherboard Intel Xeon X5650 CPU
  2. in the security policy editor I discovered that 'Interactive Logon: Do not display last username' enabled. I turned it off and now it shows on the login screen, AND auto login works!
  3. it dose not, it just says 'Other user' with an ok box then i type in my username and login. it would auto login before.
  4. I have a logitech G240 witch i payed $20 NZD for.
  5. I was tinkering around with windows server and i connected my windows 10 Pro workstation to it and after leaving my user dose not show up in login screen, i have to type it into the 'other user' option.
  6. I have brought a hp P4300 G2 server and am looking into operating systems and file systems to run on it?
  7. Because it needs to run on a separate server.
  8. I have used handbrake in the past. do you know to to use it to transcode to cuneiform???