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  1. Bluetooth isn't in my device manager anymore, and neither is my wireless network adapter. I've been using the antenna that comes with the board, and all of a sudden it just stopped working. I can't find any nearby networks or devices. I've tried starting the bluetooth service and restarting the service in services.msc. I've installed specific drivers from ASUS and Intel for the antenna. I'm not super sure why it just stopped working. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Thanks a bunch guys. The plan was definitely to use the laptop essentially as a desktop at the lan and connect all the peripherals to it and have the GPU sitting outside (as awful as it'd sound and look). I made the thread because I'd heard of the bottle neck at the port on the laptop and wasn't sure any of our cards would even run properly in it.
  3. My friend and I were wondering.... What would it take and/or where could I find an expansion PCIe for a laptop that would support either a 980ti or a 1060? We were looking at traveling to a LAN and using this as our driving card while not needing too much space. I've seen a few videos of people unplugging their WIFI cards and plugging in an expansion card thing, but don't know where to find a reliable and affordable card.