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  1. Didn’t fit unfortunately arrived today however was to late as well gpu has died no computer for atleast 6 months for me thanks for advice tho @Linus wanna fix my gpu haha ? Another note tho I just had the cpu die My 7700k bought a 9700k and a msi z390 gaming pro carbon for when I can afford a card what is a good pick it will be well after Christmas as kid needs presents first lol but what should I be looking for price range
  2. They ship to the uk so I’ll try that thank you
  3. I have a 1080ti Auros gigabyte card it’s huge and has started sagging pretty bad it’s a lot longer than most cards and I can’t find a support that will fit there all to short I also have a HAF x case the shroud on card is kinda flimsy plastic so I don’t know what to buy I also need it to be in the UK can anyone advise me on a good support bracket
  4. I have purchased a 9700k and new board trying to rma old stuff cooler seems to be working fine on new chip 45c on XTU stress test I’m trying to get board swapped by msi to but there support seems hit and miss thanks for all the help my guess is board was faulty but as I can rma both hopefully I may as well
  5. I should mention the cpu has been used for a year I just swapped cooler as the temps where rising into 90s the cpu lid has always had a little hump in centre since I bought it I can spin it on a table to a bit like jay did with his 9900k except there is more resistance
  6. On stock cpu de lid should not ever be a option for manageable temps mounting bracket is fine
  7. I do t know If this is related but I’ll mention it after the new cooler was fitted the bios screen changed from a msi logo to a car screen in kinda low res I do t know if that’s a sign of anything
  8. 1080ti was a 2 year saving ? re applied paste 3 times same temps avg deviation of 1-3 degrees pump is audible when set to extreme and liquid temp is staying below 28c after 40mins with the 360mm rad so my guess is pump is running fine cpu temp 92c no xmp 5 min XTU test cpu temp 100c all core staying solid no drop at all with Xmp 4 second XTU stress test
  9. System specs first msi gaming pro carbon z270 i7 7700k STOCK no overclock this is important gtx 1080ti Aoros rm 750x Corsair PSU h150i pro RGB AIO 360mm cpucooler with mx4 paste 1x Samsung ssd 500gb 1x barracuda 1 tb windows 10 latest update professional edition all drivers up to date bios was updated October 2018 ok so the issue now I had a dark rock pro 4 air cooler installed and on stock clock i7700k was hitting 90c on games like borderlands 3 so I bought a AIO to see it temps would lower 93c now in games if I turn o