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  1. https://www.enmotus.com/fuzedrive-shop?
  2. Ayeeeeeeeeee, I have one of those.
  3. Den-Fi

    I sometimes wonder why my silly little comments…

    Tech News has long been a react farm. Doesn't take much.
  4. Den-Fi

    I found a guy, looks similar to the @Den-Fimini…

    Thanks for showing me! Absolutely love it.
  5. Den-Fi

    I found a guy, looks similar to the @Den-Fimini…

    Innnnnnnnnnteresting. Doesn't seem to have any affiliation with Danbo. Clearly inspired by it though.
  6. Den-Fi

    I found a guy, looks similar to the @Den-Fimini…

    AHHHHHHHHHHH! WHERE!?!?!?!!? (Danbo)
  7. Den-Fi

    @Den-Finext time someone says your radiator ref…

    Those same people already send me that vid.
  8. Really Lenovo?!?!




    That's so lazy.... sigh. lol

  9. Steve beating the space joke into the ground is far funnier than it has any right to be.  🤣


    (1:36:58 if the @ current time marker decides not to work)

  10. Final shot of the giveaway board before I sent it off to @[REDACTED].




    I always get way more excited for people to get things vs. getting things myself.

    I got a temp ban from the USPS tracking site. 🤣

  11. Den-Fi

    This is a tech forum. This is not a politics fo…

    I'm always surprised by what people don't think are considered politics.
  12. Sold one of my Kiras to a friend.

    Got it all cleaned up, switches swapped, and ready for another lifetime.




  13. Ah, so it won't be too bad maintenance wise. Still not a great idea. You're already running close to ambient. To introduce LM for 1 or 2C is not a great idea.
  14. It's gonna make a mess of copper. You'd have to clean up and re-LM every 6-9 months. It would be a lot better with a nickel block. Skip it with copper.
  15. Because, reasons comes to mind.
  16. At those temps, it seems utterly pointless to introduce such a risk/point of failure.
  17. >perfect recreation of FedEx email, logos and all....






    1. James Evens

      James Evens

      Mind picking up the dozen of FedEx packages I get?

      Yeah. I get FedEx spam in Europe ...

  18. I mean... that's margin of error. Could have literally just been a difference in room temp between your test runs. The biggest factors will be quality of parts. From machining to materials mass market stuff will be made to the bare minimum acceptable spec. Put that up against a super niche Optimus block and the results may be more obvious if the rest of the loop is up to snuff.
  19. It is quite literally the most insignificant thing.
  20. Cold plate size/efficiency. Not much use in rad size if the cold plate can't get the heat away from the CPU.
  21. Den-Fi

    So... I forgot the login on my Pi. I am now ima…

    No, bad wall. Create a strong, memorable password.