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    Bad Influence, Avoid

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    Booger Hole, West Virginia
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    To regret yesterday, you must finish today.
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    RockChip 3288-C Processor
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    Mali T764
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    16 GB eMMC Storage
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    Insignia™ - 19" - 720p - HDTV - LED
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    MANHATTAN 155113 Black USB Wired Standard Enhanced Keyboard
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    axGear USB Wired Optical Mouse
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    Chrome OS

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  1. A bit more storage now that I can use this hyper card.



    1. TheSLSAMG


      Is I:/ an 18TB HDD?

      I really want to consolidate all of my storage into two or three SSDs but I'd want around 8-10TB of storage and that would be big money for quality drives. I have 1TB+1.2TB of SSD storage and 3x1TB of HDDs at the moment which do the job but I'm running low on SSD space.

  2. I can’t... it’s... so... cute... 😩😩😩😫😫😫




    Tis @Eschew’s photo.  That probably amplified the cute levels to near fatal levels. I’m gonna die. 😩😫😫😩

    1. Velcade


      Come on FAN 2 get it together.

    2. Den-Fi


      Hah, I didn't notice it slipped. It does that sometimes and I don't get why.

  3. Didn't notice this behavior on the beta, but status updates when you visit someone's profile are truncated. I guess this is okay, but it's not very obvious that it is happening. I almost thought I forgot to add the second image. It's easy to miss when it's the same color as everything else. Would it possible to make the read more larger and orange/red? Or perhaps just more button-like in general.
  4. Tungsten is fun to play with. It's so dense and trippy.

    I think I need a round piece now... sigh.






    Also got some "thocky" MX switches. We shall see if they live up to the name. After Topre, I'm very suspicious of anything else claiming to be thocky.

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    2. President Dawson Wehage

      President Dawson Wehage

      Yeah I prefer click over thonk, but I do like chonky cats tho

    3. Den-Fi


      Eh. It’s a feel thing so you can’t judge on sound alone. You’d feel differently in person. 

    4. President Dawson Wehage

      President Dawson Wehage

      1 minute ago, Den-Fi said:

      Eh. It’s a feel thinks so you can’t judge on sound alone. You’d feel differently in person. 


  5. I knowwwwwwww, you're tired of seeing this thing and I should just delete my account... but I love it. 😍



    1.   Show previous replies  2 more
    2. Prodigy_Smit


      I think the RAM is worth more than my system.

    3. Energycore


      I might just break over the RAM price on my own PC.

    4. Den-Fi


      8 hours ago, Prodigy_Smit said:

      I think the RAM is worth more than my system.


      Yeah, it's 256GB of RAM.

      It was "cheaper" than you'd think thought because whoever bought it didn't do any research and it was absolutely incompatible with their system. So I got it with a massive open box discount.

  6. I... why did you.... how.... never mind. I cannot ask enough questions to make me understand what just happened.
  7. And now we wait for the rest of the loop parts.




    It's currently using the pump/res/rad from Cascading moonlight.

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    2. For Science!

      For Science!



      When you know you've ascended to next level jank. Not a mining rig.

    3. Den-Fi


      Hah! Yes, not mining. It is For Science!

    4. TopHatProductions115
  8. Thanks. You could try, but it's not going anywhere. Between the rubber feet and the fact that the mobo + PSU + GPU make a 30lb combo, it would take quite an intentional amount of effort to knock it over.