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    sohail14 reacted to gremlicious in guide me for basic things   
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    sohail14 reacted to gremlicious in guide me for basic things   
    1.) from MSI's support tab on their page about your motherboard
    2.) i use dragon centre for lighting and nothing else. it's bloatware at best. update your stuff manually and overclock your stuff manually. not only do you avoid having a program potentially set unsafe voltages because it's the "best" overclock according to some algorithm but you get to know your hardware better when you play around with it's capabilities yourself.
    3.) updating the contents of any memory carries the risk of data corruption. drivers are software entities and are extremely unlikely to physically damage components.
    4.) your temperature spikes around as the load on your CPU increases and decreases. browsing is not one constant, flat workload. your temperatures sound higher than i'd expect however so you may wish to re-mount and re-paste your cooler. if you have a 3800x then your cooler is likely the wraith prism rgb. the stock paste that comes on that has been fairly dry in my experience. replacing it with something like NT-H2 would likely yield better results.
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    sohail14 reacted to gremlicious in guide me for basic things   
    you can clear your bios if you like, you'll lose any cpu and memory overclock settings, storage configurations and potentially fan profiles but sure, you can do that.
    like i said i don't use dragon centre so i have no idea what alteration that's made to your computer
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    sohail14 reacted to SpookyCitrus in need help to fix my audio problem on x570 motherboard   
    It doesn't matter if Windows says they are up to date... You have to get all the drivers from here https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MEG-X570-ACE if you are not getting the drivers from here and manually installing them then they are the wrong drivers. You have to uninstall the windows realtek driver in device manager and then install the one from the site I linked, manually, otherwise the driver you are using is wrong. If that is how you did it and Windows or Realtek is saying that the motherboard is incompatible of doing it, then you are SOL.
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    sohail14 reacted to greenmax in wait or buy ?   
    You will always be waiting for the next
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    sohail14 reacted to boggy77 in wait or buy ?   
    ray tracing is a gpu feature, not a cpu feature. you current card (1070) doesn't support it.
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    sohail14 reacted to greenmax in should i upgrade my cpu and motherboard now or wait ?   
    Published March 08, 2014 at 9:22 am
    more recent article
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    sohail14 reacted to Inyerbones in new motherboard and new processor   
    If you say this then there is no AMD CPU that is better at gaming performance than the 9700K. You're probably already well aware of that. Buying into the Z390 platform right now isn't very advisable, because that's a dead platform and the next generation of Intel processors from what I've seen is going to be on a whole new platform, so if you really say future proofing is most important to you, then I would strongly advise against buying into that platform.
    AM4 on the other hand is very flexible and gives you a lot of options, and from what I've seen is supposed to be supported until Ryzen 4000 series (2020?) so you get more future-proofing with AM4 than you do with Intel at the moment. But AMD's side of a CPU that's priced similarly to the 9700K is the 3700X or 3800X and you counter those options with the fact that 9700K gives better performance, so it kind of does seem like you already have your eyes set on going for Intel anyway.
    But regardless, for motherboard options, iirc Gigabyte makes some pretty good Z390 boards, like the Designare and the Aorus Master. From what I've heard ASUS kinda flopped their Z390 lineup, not too sure about MSI and ASRock.
    For AM4, all B450 boards dont get as expensive as the high end Z390 boards do, so you're probably looking at X570. If onboard audio matters do you (even though most people would just recommend you get a seperate DAC or pcie sound card) , just look for anything with the Realtek ALC 1220 codec - which is the highest end on-board audio solution at the moment or equivalent (Supreme FX1220 i think is what ASUS calls their version of the ALC 1220) but most of the X570 motherboards above the 250USD price range have this audio codec already.
    I don't see much point in getting anything that's above 300 USD, unless you're a real power user or there's a specific feature that you want, but something like the X570 Aorus Master, Strix X570-E, ASRock X570 Taichi, MSI X570 ACE is kind of as high end as I would personally go for a motherboard. If you don't mind losing out on RGB Bling, the MSI X570 Unify is a great deal and is cheaper than any of the boards I've mentioned, as it's literally an X570 ACE that has one less LAN port, which shouldn't matter unless you have a NAS or something.
    All the X570 boards I've mentioned are pretty much all top-tier boards already, I don't see the point in going for anything higher like the X570 Godlike or X570 Extreme unless you just have way too much money to blow. But if that's something you're interested in, the boards basically just get better as you go up the price. Most X570 boards starting from the 200 USD price point are already pretty good. for the cheaper recommendations I'd look at the X570 Aorus Elite or X570 TUF-PLUS but if i remember correctly one of both of these boards do not have the Realtek ALC 1220 codec and have some sort of compromise, whereas the ones I mentioned in the last paragraph are your kind of no-compromise boards.
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    sohail14 reacted to RejZoR in where to download realtek audio driver   
    One easy way to get drivers is SDI (Snappy Driver Download). I regularly updated my laptop's Realtek drivers using SDI (along with other drivers).
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    sohail14 reacted to jaslion in where to download realtek audio driver   
    It matches what realtek device you have so should work.
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    sohail14 got a reaction from Slottr in logitech g502 hero double click issue   
    its working fine now after i switch mouse memory mode in g hub and report rate set to 1000 , its working for now , if problem came again can i message to you ?

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    sohail14 reacted to wired_on_coffee in why my realtek audio drive broke everytime   
    update when you can, ill be around.
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    sohail14 reacted to wired_on_coffee in why my realtek audio drive broke everytime   
    you dont usually really need to update bios and prolly shouldnt do so if you dont know what you are gaining
    unless you know, you didnt, bios updates are either severe fixes or specific fixes
    so no, it should be fine
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    sohail14 reacted to Cypher-Jackson in how to grow a gaming youtube channel 2019   
    If you do not speak English well, target Indian speakers.
    Gaming is one of the most difficult niches on YouTube. Keep that in mind. 
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    sohail14 reacted to kelvinhall05 in how to grow a gaming youtube channel 2019   
    If you can't provide entertaining commentary, put lots of memes, jokes, etc. in the video. Look up PaluluMan on YouTube and you'll see what I mean.
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    sohail14 got a reaction from lewdicrous in how to grow a gaming youtube channel 2019   
    unfortunately im india , police will arrest me  lol
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    sohail14 reacted to Schnoz in how to grow a gaming youtube channel 2019   
    To be honest, I'm not that much into those kinds of games either. Perhaps asking someone else would be the better choice. Sorry.
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    sohail14 got a reaction from Schnoz in how to grow a gaming youtube channel 2019   
    unfortunately im india , police will arrest me  lol
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    sohail14 reacted to Rohith_Kumar_Sp in how to grow a gaming youtube channel 2019   
    start with the basics, and don't care about how to grow your channel just do it as a hobby,  

    here's my channel i started back in 2008's 

    maintain the consistency, have a constant theme to your thumbnail 

    be regular, the only way to get picked up by the algorithm is to upload regularly. 

    if you're shy of talking at first, just make small montages, maybe some tutorials.
    yeah no, unless you're living in UP the epitome of douchebaggery, you'll do just fine 
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    sohail14 reacted to Flying Sausages in how to grow a gaming youtube channel 2019   
    Use makeup and voice changer software to make yourself a gamer girl. It will not going to be a true gamer girl, but it is better than nothing.
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    sohail14 reacted to Moonzy in frames missing on live stream in restream   
    im not sure how twitch and youtube deal with dropped frames, but i know having dropped frames at all is bad news
    try setting OBS priority to high in task manager and try again, make sure theres no frames dropped
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    sohail14 reacted to mariushm in feauture of benchamark channel in youtube ?   
    Then you find yourself some other niches, related to the main focus of the channel ... for example look into using video cards for OpenCL, Cuda, using video cards for rendering/compressing videos. Or go into microcontrollers, arduino, internet of things, or maybe go towards iphones. ipads, microsoft surface, that niche... maybe look into VR though I doubt that's gonna go big in the future...
    Or you can do like Linus does with his investment in mechanical stuff to make more diverse videos (3d printing, cutting wood and metal, more do it yourself stuff)
    lots of people are interested about lots of things... nobody's gonna care about you if you're just gonna regurgitate (copy/paste) the work of others.  See all those top 5/7/10 channels on Youtube that the majority doesn't like...
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    sohail14 reacted to kelvinhall05 in New YouTube gaming channel need feedback   
    He's not linking his channel or advertising it or anything. I think it's fine.
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    sohail14 reacted to Tamesh16 in New YouTube gaming channel need feedback   
    Dont specifically know the rules of forum, so not sure this is allowed, 
    but it depends on the creator for me, if they make me laugh and i know of them, i would watch them play anything with the right amount of time, 
    but straight gameplay would just be if i am into the game 
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    sohail14 reacted to Trik'Stari in New YouTube gaming channel need feedback   
    I'd pay money to see someone do a Battlefield 1 channel, comical, of them using only the Obrez and annihilating people.
    I'd do it, but I'm only marginally good with that pistol.