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  1. It can easily get 4.8Ghz with all cores, or add another 0.4v for 5Ghz with 4 cores, but even with 4 cores it gets too hot. It's under a ND-D14 with a single 140mm fan, but it barely feels warm to touch, so I guess the heat is not being conducted efficiently in the first place. I really don't want to have to delid, but that layer of black glue might be the culprit... if I do, I really don't want to use LM, so it'll be relidded with MX4. Will this be worth it, i.e. will it stay under 80°C with all cores at 5Ghz?
  2. iirc hwmonitor calculates wattage implicitly based on voltage... if you have a wattage meter between your psu and wall, you can compare that to the sum of all the power readings in hwmonitor. I'd bet hwmonitor is more than the total.
  3. Does there exist a 3080 with a blower hsf? I need one that will exhaust hot air outside.
  4. 8 pin pcie is rated for 150w 3080 is 320w how? edit: wait nvm, there's the pcie slot lmao
  5. Looking for a TV with: No chroma subsampling at 4K 60Hz. No image processing, in order to minimize input lag. No interpolated scaler, i.e. no scaler stretching my 21:9 or 32:9 or 5:4 input trying to be helpful and also causing input lag. I want it to be pixel-to-pixel and have the black bars/letterbox when not 16:9. No PWM backlight (flicker-free) is a big bonus, but can compromise if everything else excels. Don't care about TN/IPS/VA as long as it looks normal/natural. I've seen Acer TN panels with absolutely nothing to complain
  6. For example, these i5 2400 systems: https://imgur.com/KCMx9nz https://imgur.com/5mCgBBz What's that graphics card for? Why do they have it? Does it actually process graphics on it, or is it just some kind of pass-through for the IGP?
  7. The UD3 is smells and looks new, the UP4 is quite used. Bit of a dilemma... newer revision, theoretically better quality black cubes around the CPU, and enough DDR3 on hand to fill up all 8 slots... but OTOH UD3 has better SnR, more black cubes around the CPU (so... better quality power?) Which to choose?
  8. A broken graphics card won't, but a deliberately sabotaged graphics card could. Malicious wiring to step up and reroute power back into the PCIE slot where it shouldn't go, etc. But that's pretty far fetched unless the guy has intent to mess with you.
  9. Before posting this question, I thought to myself not to expect too much from the PC community; it's almost certain that I'll get nothing more than regurgitated funny answers about 32-bit OS, and here it is. There's the kind of funny that makes people laugh, and there's the kind of funny that is just code for something else. I didn't expect anything better. So, why'd I post the thread? Call it rubber ducking. It actually worked and I solved the issue. Side note: Why are Gigabyte's slots so damn tight?
  10. https://imgur.com/a/8kAYN I have the 4gb ones on the slots left of the CPU socket, and 2gb ones on the right. Task manager sees 20GB, while CPUZ sees 24GB and says it's triple channel
  11. Ncase m1 looks pretty good, especially confident if it's manufactured by Lian-Li. It says it has "limited" ATX PSU support, not sure what that means. Weird that they went with 3 PCI slots, maybe they just had extra space at the bottom from the HDD slots so might as well. The PSU position is strange, but makes sense from a Tetris perspective... My only concern about it is that there would always be an electrical efficiency loss from that extra connector. Gonna look into this some more, thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Both these look good initially but there are some things I don't like: - Define Mini C has an unfiltered vent in the back - Define Nano S has a lot of wasted space at the front and they don't let you use it for hard drives - Both these would leak air above or below the rear 120mm fan I've also heard a lot of bad things about Fractal's quality control. I'm sure it's fine for most people, but personally I'd like to find another manufacturer if possible.
  13. I'm looking for a mATX and/or ITX chassis that has the following features: - can mount two single-rads (CPU and GPU) - standard PSU, top or bottom mounted (not side mounted) - no window, noise absorbing foam on side panel instead - no 5.25" slots - no random holes/unfiltered vents Does this case exist?
  14. How did you guys determine it was the PSU's fault? Was it immediate for the motherboard, or was it a slow death?
  15. I saw a thread on HWC where someone had two motherboards die in a year (both were quite old and well-used) under the same TX750 from 2010. This is of particular interest to me because I'm also using an old TX750. I thought it sounded like bad luck with old motherboards, but a lot of commenters suspected the PSU was killing the motherboard. So that raised a question for me, is this actually a thing where old PSU's will seem to work perfectly fine but are actually slowly deteriorating the motherboard until one day it just stops working? Maybe someone with an electrical background cou
  16. You had me really excited at that 60% figure, but turns out that Dolphin benchmark is the only place that 60% happens, and it's a Nintendo emulator... not exactly the most representative of benchmarks. What I'm taking from this is that Skylake has 20% IPC over Sandy Bridge, at over double the cost and I'd need to remove the IHS to get near the same OC. Don't think it's worth it.
  17. I am considering stuff from the used market, but I don't know where to find the good stuff. On RFD and Kijiji even the 2500k is extremely overpriced considering the hardware is 6 years old, $200 for a cpu and motherboard... I am, what do you have in mind?
  18. So basically, pay more because it's just good enough (again, compared to something from 2011) and new? That's your reasoning? On top of that, DDR4 is currently at a peak, while my DDR3 can be re-used.
  19. My motherboard/cpu was damaged by a power surge during a storm recently (damn APC didn't do anything, I had electronics plugged straight into the wall survive). I looked at a few options, specifically focusing on performance/thread, but nothing seems attractive right now... Ryzen just matches a 2500k from 2011: http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-2500K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-3-1300X/619vs3930 The current stagnant state of the industry has me in a slight dilemma: Sandy Bridge platform is outdated and janky with gimmicky features, non-native USB3 and SATA3, stuck on PCIE2, no NV