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  1. So back in the day i used to use an antec spotcool to cool VRMs etc, moving back to an AIO i'm now after one but saw they're DOA. I can see theres an inwin mars one but would prefer a smaller profile one that doesn't require a whole frame to be screwed one. Anyone know if anyone else makes one the days?
  2. Just wondering if anywhere sells memory heatsinks? Quick google doesn't find much. I own Gskill ripjaws 3600mhz cl16 ram and previously had a noctua D15s covering it but moving to an AIO. Aesthetics wise it's not going to look great. Wondering if there are any places that sell decent looking memory heatsinks? Love the look of the aluminium dominator heatsinks. Not after RGB ones as i don't want to run more cables from it. Cheers
  3. Same with with my 3080 and 7700k @ 5.1ghz. Getting lowish cpu/gpu usage on both.
  4. There's no warzone support, when i hit contact support on their website the only option it gives me is post to the community (which i have).
  5. Hey guys wondering if anyone has a problem where the game hard freezes and have to task manager to kill the task? Windows is fine and discord is fine during it. In task manager the memory on the game just sticks on a number and doesn't move at all when it's frozen. Running a 7700k and 1080ti with 32gb of ram. I've put my system to stock, purchased new ram. Furmark+Prime95+,memtest x86 stable, no other games have any issues nor multiplayer. Only warzone has this issue. I've DDU'd and reinstalled latest nvidia drivers. Don't have any overlay running. Any ideas? Che
  6. Hi guys, i'm on windows 10 and my polling rate is really unstable. I've tried different mouse etc. G pro wireless/fk2. I've got usb 3 drivers installed properly and tried different usb ports with no avail. Power options are on high etc. Even on 500/1000hz both are unstable. When i tested it on my work PC (with windows 7) both mice polling rate are fine so it's something with my build. When i say unstable i mean the polling rate will jump from 1000hz to 4hz to 500hz to 900 hz etc, the average sits around 900hz even when i do fast swipe/stops. When i do the same thing on my work
  7. I'm confident with cable management however don't want to use an open case (dust/risk of spilling stuff). Aesthetic's wise i don't really care since i don't really look at my case.
  8. Hi guys, Looking for a new case to replace my old ft02. I want something with the best airflow and an upgrade to the ft02 which has 3 180mm intakes. Done some research and the meshify/rl06 are the best but not sure if it'd be different if i'm upgrading the fans myself. I plan on replacing all fans with high end noctua/silent wings ones. Cheers
  9. Hi wondering what some good quality keycaps which would feel nicer than the stock ones are for my ducky one keyboard? https://www.pccasegear.com/products/37651/ducky-one-white-led-mech-keyboard-cherry-speed-silver-black-case/ Cheers
  10. Looking to get a new keyboard and looking at the following options. Looking at the cherry red versions. I don't really care about the RGB/led's or anything. Will be used for gaming. Just want the best quality one out of the 3. Any ideas? Cheers
  11. Hi guys, I have a razer seiren mic and a mechanical keyboard with blue caps. The Mic sits on the side of my desk and picks up the keyboard really loudly. Wondering how i can minimize this. Would buying a new keyboard going from blue to brown make a real noticable difference? More than happy to get a new keyboard but would be annoyed spending $200 to still have the problem. Or if anyone has the seiren and knows what settings would be the best to get rid of the keyboard noise. Cheers
  12. Hi guys, i got a razer seiren for free and wondering i should place it and what settings i should use for optimal use. I use it just for discord/gaming. I don't want to get a stand and have it really obtrusive and in my face. I've got it on the side at the moment angled to me but it's picking alot of my keyboard sound (cherry blues). What placement and which pickup patterns would be the best. Also wondering is it best to turn the windows microphone volume to 100 or put the volume at the mic itself higher and the windows volume lower? Cheers
  13. So are the fans held by anything? I thought they'd be attached to the shroud. Cheers
  14. Hey guys, wondering if anyone has taken the 2 fans off the evga gtx1080 acx? If so is it simple and undo-able? Wanting to silence my rig a bit more (esp when the card is under full load). Saw the linus video and wanted to do it but this looks a bit harder than the card he did it too and couldn't find much on google about people doing it. Cheers EDIT: to clear it up i'm not just removing the fans, replacing them with 2 high quality 120mm fans. Have done it before and it worked a charm just wondering if it's easy to do with the 1080.