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  1. Hello guys. I am getting an error message when i type my log in info for app store, which says "This item is temporarily unavailable". Is there any way to fix it without using an usb stick to boot from ? Thank you!
  2. Hi Guys! I have coded some code just to test the radio buttons that shows in console which one is selected but when i reload the page it automatically logs to the console first one before actually selecting it. And after that i select other options but nothing happens. Can you tell me where's the problem. Here i will atach the code. Thank you!! index.html
  3. Hi everyone! I want to ask a question to you. I get a blue screen while i am booting my PC. It says: PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA. Under this error it says: What failed: Nfs.sys. I have searched for solutions but anything doesn't work. I tried to install a new windows, it doesn't helped too.
  4. Hi there everybody. I have an ASUS F555L laptop which is not booting. I can see only the asus logo which is going after 1-2 seconds, and then nothing shows only black screen. Sorry for my english. Do you have any suggestions to solve this problem, how can i fix it. (I tried booting the laptop from usb flash drive).
  5. Hello everybody! I am a beginner web designer and i built myself a portfolio. But i have a problem/bug and i cannot fix it. So what's the problem ? The problem is that i can't get my footer a full width of 100% and i have a small white line in the right of the website So here is the source codes and some screenshots. But if you want you can see the problem in your device just type in the URL: beraysezgin.com, and going to the about section. Thank you! The codes and the screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pin2iqld7j8bhzs/stackoverflow.zip?dl=0 about.php about
  6. Hello everybody. I want do to something with HTML5 but something does not work. I want to write a face with letters in my website using html but i can't. Here is a screenshot of the codes: Can somebody help me ? Thank you!
  7. Take a look at YouTube mmtuts he is awesome !
  8. Hello Guys. Does someone have any idea why the ram price is so expensive? Thank you
  9. Ok this is the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/aj6vfskdfx1n0lr/portfolio.zip?dl=0
  10. Ok. Email me and i will send you the dropbox link.
  11. Hello everyone. I have get a problem when developing my new portfolio and i can't solve it. Please front-end developers can you tell me how i can solve this problem ? I want these coments from peoples to be one under the other. Тhank you guys.
  12. Hello guys! I have a new question for you. So my question is: Where i can learn more knowledge about networking and servers hosting and things like this. Thank you!
  13. Hello guys. I want to ask you something. Maybe here is not the place but i'm new here and i'm sorry :). So i think to build a new pc soon. it's going to be a Ryzen 1700 build, but with a B350 motherboard. I don't have plans for sli or crossfire and i think B350 chipset is enough for me. But is B350 motherboard is enough for Ryzen 7 1700 ? Thank u guys!