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  1. A review of the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex would be nice. It has a built-in S-pen and a QLED display.
  2. Banned for attempted banning of a thread
  3. Banned for being slightly behind me
  4. Banned for assuming that I assumed that you assumed @Tcrumpen assumed that Used used MS Paint
  5. Banned for assuming Tcrumpen assumed that you used ms paint
  6. Banned for not knowing rhys is a Welsh name (also spelt as Reece in the US)
  7. Banned for too little quotations """"""
  8. In my English class we are doing speeches and someone who was taking the Mick said "To what extent does the CPU architecture affect the motherboard and data corruption" I couldn't stop laughing lol
  9. Yeah they probs didn't test it I gonna get it replaced
  10. Again I got it from a reputable company here