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  • CPU
    Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Motherboard
    ROG B-450 Strix
  • RAM
    16 Gb Gskill TridentZ 3600 mhz
  • GPU
    RX 5500 XT Sapphire
  • Case
    Lian Li o11 Dynamic
  • Storage
    4gb barracuda
    1tb samsung
    256gb ssd kingston
  • PSU
    750 corsair cx
  • Display(s)
    Sceptre 27 inch 144 hz 2019
  • Cooling
    Masterliquid 240L
  • Keyboard
    Steelseries Apex 5
  • Mouse
    Steelseries Rival 600
  • Sound
    Logitech z333
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. What Monitors are you Running, i believe as well that it is an adapter issue but im not sure I forgot to Mention, im running a 2700X and a RX 5500XT Sapphire
  2. Hi everyone, how are you doing? Ive been having this issue all the time and im wondering if this is just myself Im currently running 2 Monitors 1 of them is my main display, is a 32 inch LG HDR Monitor, running on DisplayPort, no issues ever, neither did the previous one wich was a Sceptre 27 144hz inch, DisplayPort as well NOW Every time i turn on my computer the second screen is always off, untill i press Windows + P, go to only main display and then, again but for extend This does not happen with restarts, not turning off for a few secs and then turning
  3. Actually I have tried several stuff, what seemed to be the problems were graphics issues, any fullscreen application would cause a crash Here is my fix. How this information is useful for people. We switched graphics cards, my brother rocks a rx570, I use a 5500xt, when we switched no issues whatsoever, that was my biggest worry, that the graphics card was the problem, but after running several more tests, it seems to be that the PSU extensions where the issue, that they were too long and could not deliver the power. So far I am at this point whe
  4. It's crashing with the XMP disabled, but I have never heard of Aida64, nor prime, so I'll give it a shot At last I thought it was AMD radeon software, but after driver reinstalling to a more stable version, same result
  5. Hello everyone Thank you for your support every time I put something here. I need some serious help troubleshooting my PC I keep getting black screens every time and i have tried everything It al started while I was streaming GRID 2019 on my twitch channel, the PC seemed not to handle it to good, the stream was s little laggy but kept going no problem Suddenly it went black screen and system crashed, ever since I've been getting constant random crashes on black screen, mostly streaming, I do most of my online hours while streaming
  6. Yep, o went for that one and it should be arriving on the 16, thanks for all the help so far!
  7. Strong point there Sadly the hardware shops here are not good generally so most of the good stuff is online or imported
  8. The one I'm inclined right now for is a 1440 75hz, the LG one Since at 1440 i wouldn't run any more from es currently, I think is a best choie. What I'm curious is about the HDR support it has
  9. Looking into that one I came across https://www.amazon.com.mx/dp/B079J4F4ZS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_MsC9FbT1KRJRY
  10. That one does not ship to mexico, but looks rather interesting, Do you run a 5ms screen?
  11. No job means exactly that, my parents take care of me but have never ever gave me money
  12. I'm currently running a R7 2700X with a 5500XT, not the strongest but gets the job done. I play mainly rocket league, lol and some other titles, also j stream hotel games so the hdr option seems interesting
  13. Didn't know there was a display section, how rude, I'm sorry
  14. Hi everyone, some time ago I bought a 144hz monitor, actually one that linus recommended, the sceptre monitor, but the 27inch version So I just sold it yesterday with a little but of profit and i wanted to get the next year version which changes for an ips panel and some other features But I've been wondering around looking for displays and other things I'm from Mexico and availability is one thing, my budget is 6800 mxn which is roughly 345 dollars, tops, literally I have no job and no other money income right now These are some of the option