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  1. Hi Guys, So i got this Samsung PM981 NVME 500gb for like 50 bucks, and I want to migrate my windows 10 from WD Green SSD. Anyone can advice if i will be able to do it using the samsung data migration software? samsung nvme drivers are installed for this PM981 and working properly. I got samsung magician installed but kindof limited in usage, maybe because its exclusively for evo's. I'm not really good at software thing especially OS related stuff, so please help me out. If You can advice me to do migration without doing "install fresh OS again" thing, will be great..
  2. my motherboard is msi z370m gaming pro ac, supports 5.1.. but i tried combinations of of connecting the 3.5mm jack at rear but i cant get them to produce sound both at the same time.. could You help me check this photo and maybe teach me which ports should i connect the 3.5mm jacks? I'm literally a noob when it comes to speakers.. TIA. Cheers.
  3. Hi Guys, So I have these awesome Old School speakers just sitting on our store room so i tried to use them; 1. Altec Lansing ACS 33 (Speakers + Subwoofer) 2. Altec Lansing ACS 90 (Speakers only, with Subwoofer slot) Please see attached photo of simple sketch on how i connected the speakers to each other and connected to my PC. It is all working. Sound output is good. I'm not really knowledgeable when it comes to speakers, so I want to ask You guys, did I do anything wrong with those connections? i asked because i might have done something wrong that prev
  4. Yes, lucky it has an option for 120mm, saved me some time and trouble. Thanks for the advice to improve, I definitely follow that advice and will make a cutout of sheet metal and use it as a neat cover once i get a smaller cutting tool. i used a big handheld grinder i borrowed my neighbor for this proj., hence the misalignment . the foam will just be temporary, but its the best i got atm hahaha..
  5. Thanks! the foam tube just fills in the gap between the CD rom rack and the floppy disk rack. I fvcked up cutting wrongly hahaha. and i put the lump of cables in it. The 120mm fans at the rear, there is a hole for 80mm fans (attached when i bought the case) but it also have a ready option for 120mm fan. For the front though, it only has option to install 2x 80mm, so i drilled some holes to fit in 120mm fan. added some more holes so more air can go in. And lastly, no, i only painted black the inside and rear. Thanks for the tip about retrobrite. will definitely look for it.
  6. Thanks for the compliments Mate! really made me feel i did it right considering I'm not a pro when it comes to PC's. Cheers!
  7. i really like the blue lights in front. brings back memories on how awesome PC's with LED's during that time. i really find old cases awesome in cooling as well, just need a bit of tweaking..
  8. Thanks! my old build is black and red so before i migrated all the components, i decided to black paint the inside of the case (and the back) so when from time to time i will open it, i can still appreciate the modernness of it. and yeah, black and red detail rocks!
  9. Hi Guys, I just want to share my recently assembled sleeper PC. My PC case broke and i don't have enough money to buy a new one atm. I saw and i bought a really cheap old case and decided to give it a go. Got inspired by Linus' videos on creating sleeper PC. Please share Your thoughts, criticize if You must so I can improve it. Sorry for misaligned cuttings, i really don't have proper tools but so far I'm happy of the outcome of what I did. what's inside: PSU: CM V750 MOBO: MSI Z370m gaming pro AC CPU: i5 8600k @ 4.5ghz GPU: MSI gaming X gtx 1080
  10. Hi Guys, thanks for all the advise. I'm considering IBM Model M because i was planning to make a sleeper PC and aesthetically it will be appropriate. And I've seen reviews they say its super satisfying to type on it but as You all say here, its feels heavy and can be a pain in the ass to game on due to its response time and the heaviness to press. Maybe I'll just pass the sleeper build and keep the modern stuff.
  11. Hi All, Im going to buy a mechanical keyboard after few years of hardwork. Please help me decide what to buy.. a modern mechanical keyboard or a used good condition holy grail of mechanical keyboards (IBM Model M).. I ask Your expertise and experience as I recently saw one guy posted on a buy and sell app here in my place selling the IBM for a price tag of somewhere same as price of good modern mech keyboard. I'm not a fan of rgb btw. Thanks in advanced. Cheers!
  12. Its not really as bad as other people experienced that they cannot boot because of it, i only experience it when i do restart on my PC. I'm just scared that its like cancer that can create complications which will kill my PC. Maybe i'll do a fresh install over the weekend. i hope it solves the issue. and thanks by the way, for being patient to reply me even if it became like a one on one consultation. other people seem not interested to reply
  13. So its not caused by an unstable overclock right? how serious is this bad system config info? can it damage my PC? I tried the first method on the guide, Hold shift + power + restart to boot to safe mode doesn't work, it brings me to a blue screen showing only an option to shut down. method 2, i tried to boot with a bootable windows installer, trouble shoot, doesn't solve anything. i tried via the cmd but it doesnt recognize the texts/commands written in the guide. or maybe i'm doing something wrong? i'm not really good at IT stuff.. its far from my line of wo
  14. I hope someone can help me understand what I'm doing wrong, why it passed stress tests for a reasonable amount of time and gives BSOD when restarting the PC. Doing normal shutdown and switching it on got no issue. I'm scared the BSOD might do some damage on my PC. Took me a year to save money to build it :'(