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  1. thank you now i know what games to try
  2. Bigdan1888


    thank you now i can play games without being so unsure about their player base
  3. headset or headphone which ever is better budget 10-90 mid 100-400 high end 450-2000
  4. should i wait for the new monitors or should i buy a 1440p now
  5. thank you and i do have steam
  6. i7 7700k 16g of ram and 1080 ti watercool
  7. looking for new fun games that i should atleast try. any game would do.#trying to have fun #not judge without trying
  8. thank you that really help
  9. 1080p,1440p,4k? i been looking around for monitors but cant make up my mind i have the power to play 4k but i hear the acer and asus are coming with monitors are they worth the wait. if not what should i get. #need a upgrade
  10. should i get a small mousepad or big. #best-mouse-pad
  11. im trying to get some headphones for gaming. #budget,mid,high-end