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  1. Hey Guys, My current specs at i5 6600k gtx 1070 16gb of 2400mhz ram just got the VIVE wireless display adapter for my VR set and noticed some "buffering" like issues. My connections are solid, but saw that my CPU hits 100% max on some games, which didn't happen when I ran a wired connection. Could it be my CPU not being good enough? My Mobo only supports 7th gen -- Regardless of cost, Whats the best CPU to put in here? Can you give me a few reccos? Should I just upgrade to a 1080ti and hope the overhead would be reduced by a new
  2. I've been an nVidia fan boy for pretty much my whole life. Need a video card for the entertainment PC, and not happy with the ones I can buy retail. (LOOKING AT YOU, BESTBUY.... ) Is this too much? too little? Would you even get this card yourself for that price?
  3. There we go I think you have your answer grabbin a 27 1440p incher it is!
  4. depends on your GPU. if you have a card that can push 1440p, yeah by all means -- but if you ONLY do 1080p then maybe get a 1080p 144hz monitor instead. A warning though, Once u go 144hz, you don't go back
  5. I'm with everyone, wipe the drive -- if she paid someone, charge back.
  6. Sorry, I ate a bad taco and totally paying for it..... You should be 100% fine. Kind of a rudimentary explanation for how drivers work but.... You install a Driver > driver gets stored into Windows System Folder You insert a New Card > Windows looks through to see if it can locate a driver If it can, it will either use it automatically, Ask you first and you will get a prompt, OR you have to tell windows in device manage to update the driver. Driver folder will always store the drivers until they are either replaced or
  7. Windows will detect which driver to use for which card is plugged in the PCI-e slot, Shouldn't matter, so you should be fine.
  8. If canned air wont do, the next bet is a shop vac -- unless you're blowing category 5 hurricane speeds, that shouldn't be an issue. Wouldn't hurt to vacuum up the dust you can get either. Otherwise, I hope you're comfortable with PSU Surgery!
  9. the big screen app on the steam/vive store works pretty well, and its free. Can't do anything super complicated on it though. http://store.steampowered.com/app/457550/Bigscreen_Beta/
  10. I'm having trouble identifying them lol... bored on lunch break but It looks like they... are possibly older? Notice the wires on each ear ( most newer ones opt for one wire) Probably fold in ward? ( hing on the top) Not Sienhiesers for sure. maybe someone else can pick up where I left off, Ima get me a sammich!
  11. I'm sorry but that aspect ratio haha
  12. Dual Channels operate a bit differently thats normal
  13. Like use a Quadro along side your GPU? You should be fine as long as both gaming programs and 3d modeling software utilize the correct GPU. A cheapo deepo quadra IMO may not be worth it though
  14. My mini-ITX build which I offload (Main Rig Outputs to > Side Rig Outputs to > Twitch) my transcoding to twitch / plex is running an i5 7500 , which for the most part can do 1080 / ~30fps without issues. BUT, I have the option to upgrade to a 7700t for fairly cheap. I do want to push 1080/60 if I could, but haven't really experienced too much with how much multi-threading effects CPU Transcoding. What are your thoughts? Do you think a 7700t can achieve it? Here are some comparison links so you don't have to go to un
  15. For budget builds I've always used the dell xps 8300 board. Its DDR3 LGA 1155 though and can only use 2nd gen stuff. You can get it around 40 shipped new, but no IO shield. https://centralvalleycomputerparts.com/dell-xps-8300-motherboard-y2mrg/
  16. I think its safe to say they didn't do much to fix the issue, if you've RMA'ed it. Assuming that's what you did ... My ..... what ever that is to English translator doesn't work that well, so I could be interpreting what you're trying to say incorrectly.
  17. Prob not the best time to buy a GPU, unless the prices have gone down since the mining influx
  18. I'd download something like speed fan, or check event viewer to see if your temps are bad.
  19. I apparently can't read lol. Hrm.... Maybe format and see if the issue still persist? that may be a bit extreme EDIT: I need coffee in the morning
  20. If its just for ONE computer I used TP link stuff https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Powerline-Adapter-Starter-TL-PA2010KIT/dp/B00AWRUIY4/ref=sr_1_9?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1517843534&sr=1-9&keywords=Powerline I personally use the 600mb one though, I have a switch attached to it to plug in Comp, PS4, and Media Player.
  21. for older buildings I always go with y2mrg, the dell xps 8300 board. after shipping, it usually runs about 40 dollars ish, new unless you spend more than 50 here. https://centralvalleycomputerparts.com/dell-xps-8300-motherboard-y2mrg/ they dont come with an IO shield though
  22. I actually managed to craigslist my 1070 for 300 and its been working like a champ. The only thing you should be iffy about used is prob HDDs.