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  1. Just now, TrigrH said:

    All 1070tis have to be overclocked to be worth it, the hybrid card is worth the small increase in cost as you get faster than 1080 performance. (Due to clock stability)

    Thank you!!!! You are the first person to say that in all my threads I posted on other websites.

  2. 17 minutes ago, yMopuri said:

    Hi All, 

    This is my first post in the forum & possibly a first PC build. 

    I have to decided to build a PC for my friend who's an Architect. Her laptop is dying and slowing down her workflow. This PC is not going to be used for gaming/media consumption. 
    She mostly does 3D modelling in AutoCAD, SketchUP. And for rendering V-Ray, Lumion are used. and Photoshop sometimes.

    Can you guys suggest a good CPU, Compatible Motherboard & Graphics for this use case scenario ?

    I prefer Intel CPU. But considering the budget I really don't mind having an AMD CPU if it offers better performance. 


    Form Factor: Mini ATX\ ATX

    Budget: $500 - $600 (USD; including a single monitor cost)

    Hoping I can figure this out soon enough, 








    Considering this budget we are going to have to cut back on a couple things. If you raised the budget by 100-200 dollars I could fit a 6 core- 12 thread chip and an ssd but this is life. I hope this is good enough for her.

  3. This may seem dumb, but I am in despair. There are three GTX 1070 ti's from EVGA that I want. The first is the GTX 1070 ti SC Black Edition. I love this card because of its matte black build with white LED's, which would be nice for my stormtrooper build. No modding needed. It should realistically be able to perform like a 1080 lite. It is $490 from PCPartPicker. The second would be the GTX 1070 ti FTW2. It features icx, which I really, really want for OC'ing. The only problem are those silver pieces on the side. I was thinking that I could take them off with a screwdriver, then use some sort of plasti-dip for warranty and possible heat conditions. With this, I should be able to match or possibly exceed 1080 FE at extreme conditions. It costs $500 The last option was the GTX 1070 ti hybrid from EVGA. It should be able to match up to custom dual fan options from competitors in the GTX 1080 market. It costs $530. Please Please Please Please DON'T RECOMMEND A GTX 1080.


    (Sorry for my horrible photo editing skills)


  4. I know this kinda seems like a dumb question, but I was wondering whether I should get a water-cooled GTX 1070 ti, that would let me OC nicely between stock 1080 and 1080 ti, or get a GTX 1080 air cooled which would probably be the same OC, but at a higher price? Anyway, without my babbling on, what do you think I should get? Vote in the poll!

  5. Hello all,


    I was wondering if I should get the rx vega 56 420$ on pcpartpicker, or rx vega 64.The rx vega 64 is only around 80$ more expensive. The problem is there are 2 rx vega 64s, the limited edition or whatever or the normal Radeon version. These 2 are the same price although there are 2 things,

    1. The normal vega 64 would fit better in my color scheme

    2. I think I could get away with a limited and sell it later on but IDK


    So is the extra 80$ worth it?

  6. 1 minute ago, WoodenMarker said:

    They come in both 3pin and 4pin pwm variants. 


    3 minutes ago, JM21 said:

    SP fans are not PWM and in my experience are loud compared to almost any PWM fan

    Yes and I am getting these are the quiet edition of 23dbA nevertheless these fans are for SP so it would probably be wiser to use them on a radiator or next to a drive cage.