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  1. For a custom loop with a 240mm rad in the r6 TG. I was thinking 120mm sp with white rings on, or 120mm ml with white leds.
  2. I'd rather go with EVGA cards due to the warranty and looks nicer(in my opinion). I just love this led's on the side and comes with an okay backplate. Amp has a better backplate but only if it fits your color scheme. otherwise, it looks totally out of place.
  3. How many slots thick is your strix? It has to be 2 or less in order to fit probably. I don't vertically mount my GPU.
  4. Thank you!!!! You are the first person to say that in all my threads I posted on other websites.
  5. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/FYqMPs Alright, Considering this budget we are going to have to cut back on a couple things. If you raised the budget by 100-200 dollars I could fit a 6 core- 12 thread chip and an ssd but this is life. I hope this is good enough for her.
  6. I understand, but why not pay an extra $10 to get icx AND a backplate?
  7. Does she care about aesthetics? eg side panel window
  8. This may seem dumb, but I am in despair. There are three GTX 1070 ti's from EVGA that I want. The first is the GTX 1070 ti SC Black Edition. I love this card because of its matte black build with white LED's, which would be nice for my stormtrooper build. No modding needed. It should realistically be able to perform like a 1080 lite. It is $490 from PCPartPicker. The second would be the GTX 1070 ti FTW2. It features icx, which I really, really want for OC'ing. The only problem are those silver pieces on the side. I was thinking that I could take them off with a screwdriver, then use some sort
  9. I It's fine to flip the switch on the PSU then.
  10. Yeah I think its fine since your system isn't fully onish. You can watch this vid from linus to help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TovcF1j3bE&t=281s
  11. I think he means turn of the PSU
  12. This should be moved to the troubleshooting section.