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  1. my gpu since i started the other night has constant work and cpu has only has 2 its currently on 23 attempts for another WU
  2. one of my wu isn't sending in but I've already finished another one and that ones sending.
  3. When I get a WU for my cpu ryzen 5 2600 my pc freezes after a bit, mouse doesnt move control alt delete does nothing and i have to hold the power button on my pc and restart it. any fix?
  4. oh and i already have windows so the price goes down to around 780 cause already have the monitor mouse and keyboard
  5. This is the second pc that im going to make the first one was all used parts and costed 350$ im still new to all of this so i had my friend who has build a lot of pcs design me one on pc part picker i gave him a 750$ budget and i wanted all new parts he sent me this https://pcpartpicker.com/user/powdereddonut69/saved/#view=TRJzyc i already have the mouse and monitor i also already have a keyboard its steelseries apex100 does anyone have any better 750$ pc builds mine theme is black and red