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    English Teacher at University of Nagasaki


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    Rampage VI Extreme
  • RAM
    G.Skill RGB Royal 32 GB
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    Water cooled 2080Ti
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    Tower 900
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    2TB HDD, 500 GB SSD, 256 GB M.2
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    Thermaltake DPS G 1050 watt platinum
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    Mostly EK stuff with Thermaltake res pump combos
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    Razer Chroma V2
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I might try putting some of my extra fans there to see if that improves airflow. If it does, I’ll get some Riings to place there, as well. I’m really happy with my temps, so I hadn’t given it much thought.
  2. Good job going with the SE rads, lol. I bought a CE for my GPU and there’s almost no clearance between the rad and power supply now. Luckily, I remembered that when I ordered the second rad for my CPU a few weeks ago. Also, don’t worry about your case looking empty. I have much smaller reservoirs and it looks quite full. Your build should look great.
  3. Those are for intake. The 560mm rads are on the inside of the case, so the air gets pulled in through the sides of the case and heads out through the top. I’m not sure which rear fans you’re talking about, though. There is space for two more fans in the very back, but I haven’t placed any there, yet. I’m guessing that’s what you’re referring to.
  4. Ah, it’s fine. I have copper radiators. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-coolstream-ce-560-quad And I’ll keep those fittings in mind for next year’s version. They look pretty cool.
  5. Yes, I am actually. However, I do not have UV lighting in my PC. Here’s a short video I posted on YouTube. I think it’s easier to see the what the colors actually look like. I feel like the green looks way brighter in pictures than it should. Just make sure you don’t watch it through a mobile browser since the colors will still look off and it won’t be in higher resolution. https://youtu.be/Pc9_jshYRLI
  6. did you have a photo of the back of your case with the AIO installed. I have the same AIO and the same case and they say it cant be done. I would like to see how you had yous mounted.

    Thanks and what a BAD-A$$ case mod you did.

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    2. MicroKidd


      sorry I see your comments. Thanks a bunch. I would like to send you my finished case for your review when I finish.

      Have a great day.

    3. zubiecup99




      This is pretty much what it looked like. It was mounted vertically.




    4. zubiecup99


      And it’s all good. Have a good day!

  7. Here’s how the cables come out from the back when the top is on.
  8. No, it’s pretty easy to open it, and it snaps back into place easily, as well. The only thing is that that I haven’t cable managed much there on top since the keyboard and mouse wires stretch from the I/O all the way to the back of the case.
  9. The Trident Z Royal RAM is really beautiful, in my opinion, but I can understand that some might find it gaudy, haha.
  10. And the motherboard pre and post block installation
  11. If anyone wants to see the delidded 7820X, here it is:
  12. Now that I’m satisfied with the PC, I'm going to start saving up for a monitor. I’m hoping they’ll announce a 144hz 32 inch 4K Gsync monitor with HDR sometime in the near future. Otherwise, I’ll just go with the PG27UQ. For now, I’m just using a Sony 4K HDR TV I bought here in Japan. It works, but I really miss having a responsive monitor with a fast refresh rate. I had to leave mine back in the States.
  13. Yeah, $77 is hard to believe. It’s certainly the heaviest case I’ve ever worked with, so that’d be a steal shipping wise. I hope that works out for you, though. You guys in Australia have it just as bad as the PC guys here in Japan from what I’ve heard. In regard to prices, I mean.
  14. I think that will be a hell of an overclocker! I hope you’re planning on posting pics. I like your radiator pick. There aren’t many cases that can handle a beast like that, but if you own a case that supports it, why settle for anything less? Haha. By the way, are you planning on having a single or double loop? Also, I’m definitely not one to frown upon overkill parts, but is there a reason you’re going for a 1600w power supply?