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  1. Wouldnt the Question be... These _______ are games I play... Which GPU is better? Factor in GPU technologies you use... I doubt I'd switch up from something still great/useful to its near alternative. IE I uograde when the upgrade % delta is larger..
  2. I doubt they will want to negate all lower end users.. New BF2042 1080p Low might be as demanding as BFV 1080p Medium but I doubt much more... IE Wouldn't worry with Graphical Presets available inc Res Scaling.. Slower (RX470--RX570/GTX1650 - Super) GPUs are likely going to play at lower details just fine...
  3. When I had a 7970, dual monitors kept VRAM clocks in 3D mode so I enabled onboardGFX for 2ndary display and 7970 came back down to true idle. Could be old factory thermal paste, thermals of case/location in the world, fan profiles... multiple factors.
  4. GTAV also doesn't exactly use all resources of multicore CPU's,..and you are TRYING to push obscene FPS (for an open world) and the game engine code (Engine Threading/Pipelines) might not be able to catch up with all the world game update frequencies..at 160-180FPS for all the objects in game or however the game was codes to handle its world. HigherFPS = Higher CPU/RAM/Subsystems (Game Engine) Demand above typical framerates
  5. GTAV had articles explaining it can break above 160-180FPS ranges...depending on how it handles CPU threads... I'd limit it to 120-144Hz/FPS Ranges...
  6. Beyond trying a manual uninstall of Nvidia drivers THEN using DDU (DisplayDriver Uninstaller to remove junk/old/whatever bugs and starting fresh again driver side with nothing) and then reboot and reinstall Drivers.. Beyond that... I'd RMA after that.
  7. ETAPRIME for this content.. Great channel for this type of information. PC/Android devices and Gaming/Emulation/General Use Specialized MiniPC/NUC/Tablet/Phones https://youtube.com/c/ETAPRIME
  8. RTX wont be enabled by default if its included. Maybe Thats the NextGen GPU Treatment.... BF5 vs BF1, nonRT peformance went down a tad on same PC. Not by much, less than a GPU upgrade tier, maybe 10-15% harder to run... (Max Details, Same Res)
  9. Even uninstallers have trouble just the same... Over time you'll get to know folder structures and where things eventually get stored if you look hard enough or google such locations per APP basis. Your at the mercy of programming of the APP you want gone . Beyond seeking known locations like AppData folders and cleaning manually... Uninstaller programs are not magic, and can't change programming on default uninstaller files that leave junk behind. Uninstaller programs check Known Directories most programs use thats all, and you can do that
  10. Welcome to AUTOSAVE Stutter. Pretty frequent in CBP2077 as Autosaves are triggered on certain actions or locations... As well as its own internal struggles with code, the Autosave in CBP is annoying and noticoble everytime.
  11. PC Specs

    i9 10850k 10Core 20 Thread CPU at 5.1Ghz Allcores

    z490 MSI Gaming Plus Motherboard

    G.Skill TridentZ 3200Mhz C14 RAM at 4200Mhz C17 17 17

    MSI RTX 2080TI (290w VBios)

    Thermaltake 850w PSU

    Older Cosmos S Case by Coolermaster

  12. Can confirm Core2Duo 4Ghz OC and 8GB DDR2 with an SSD (Gen2 265MB/s) works with Win10 relatively well outside of updates taking time... General Web browsing is fine... YT 1440p60 offloaded to my 2GB HD7790 (260X)

  13. CBP2077 Revisiting the DINER and Markets with New PC.

  14. Did you uninstall drivers for 1080 before installing and testing NewGPU on a fresh clean install of drivers? Swapping without uninstall/ddu/reboot/reinstall can cause random quirks to performance metrics. *DDU - Display driver uninstaller of JUNKTRACE files.
  15. 4GB is undesirable for Mining. RX570 shouldn't be that inflated and if it is, message them its not worth as mucb as other scalped cards cos of this and offer less. Most are still attainable at a decent (todays decent) price. I picked a 1340Mhz RX570 with a Sapphire Nitro+ and it clocks to 1525Mhz (why I wanted a Quality Nitro+version of the RX570 from Sapphire) Then I picked up a Native 1680x1050p 22" Monitor and gain some frames that way too....
  16. Same here with my 2080Ti and 4790K 4C8T 4.7Ghz paired with 2400Mhz DDR3, while CPU usage is High, performance is rock solid better than OP. GTAV should be 100-120FPS and towards a CPU bottleneck around 110-150fps... BF5 should be no where near 30FPS... He clearly has an issue internally, let alone seeing the GPU usage values drop so hard. Basic trouble shooting applies... remove driver normally and then remove junk traces with DDU, reboot, reinstall driver.
  17. Don't FUTUREPROOF Buy when you NEED to, using data you KNOW. WHEN.... you upgrade that 2060Super, consider THEN....the CPU... AFTER... testing your new GPU. Why waste money.. That CPU cash....could go to more GPU/RAM/SSD/Case/Cooling... Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart (IMO)
  18. Between the Login screen and Desktop my 5.1Allcore 10Core 20thread ramps up and gets in at some loads to throw my fans to 50% from idle at login... Its normal for the CPU to initially spike when preparing login and task initializations.
  19. Cinematic Quality,..... instead of Ultraspec



    #UE5 #UnrealEngine5 i9 10850K 5.1Ghz / 32GB 4200CL17 / RTX2080Ti

  20. SkilledRebuilds

    Valley of the Ancients - Download UE5 Package-S…

    Currently uploading a backup copy for New Links...
    1. SkilledRebuilds


      Currently uploading a backup copy for New Links...

    2. MrDeviance


      Nice. Been looking to test this demo without having to download 100gigs

      Waiting for the new links.

      I wonder if anybody will bother to modify this demo and extend it in any ways.

      I would like to see the Ancient rise and fall without the cinematic camera that takes control of your camera.

      They scripted that cinematic camera once you get near the ancient and once again when you kill him.

      I am very curious to see if it still looks cool to see him rise and fall just by looking at him from the third person and freely moving around while he rises and falls.

      Another thing I would love to see is the ancient cloned and battle 2 of them at the same time or multiple.

      I wonder how hard it is to duplicate him and still have him work twice.

      If anybody has the skill and the time and patience to do that and post a video of it or a package, I would love to see that.

  21. SkilledRebuilds

    I've got the UE5 Valley of the Ancients all pac…

    I found a copy online but the website bandwidth was fully tapped and wouldn't let me grab it. So I found another way and will upload a backup copy myself so some website/article guys can grab it.
  22. I've got the UE5 Valley of the Ancients all packaged up outside of the editor itself...
    Will compress (24GB) and Upload in 3GB Chunks to somewhere today so you guys can run the more optimized non-editor less demanding version.
    Ill update my profile with all the links when done.


    1. SkilledRebuilds


      I found a copy online but the website bandwidth was fully tapped and wouldn't let me grab it.
      So I found another way and will upload a backup copy myself so some website/article guys can grab it.