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    AMD FX 8350 @4.9GHz
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    Asus Crosshair V Formula Z
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    8GB G.Skill Sniper OC to 1866MHz
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    Sapphire R9 290X w/Kraken G10
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    HP S2031
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    Corsair H100i Push
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  1. Trying to preserve my JTag and Jailbreak systems and also put them in one case. Xenon 360 (temps are phenomenal even with original air cooling tbh) and backwards compatible PS3 Anyone know where to find them nowadays? Whether it be new or second hand, I don't care. First post in a minute and a half on LTT so if this is supposed to be else where, mods you know what to do.
  2. Hey guys about a year ago I planned on making an APU based gaming PC inside one of my old Xbox 360 cases (Phat). Long story short, it never happened.... until now, though this is going to be my main rig since I sold mine awhile back. I do apologize, I started taking pictures after I started. Here is the part list ; AMD 7870k Gigabyte A88X Wifi (Mini-ITX) 8GB (4x2) EVGA 2400Mhz RAM XFX BEFX 850w 80+ Gold PSU (external) Phat Xbox 360 case (White) Corsair H90 120GB San Disk SSD 1TB HDD Pretty sure that's it. Now for my progress so far (7/6/15 (July)) Basically I started
  3. Cause 1: it supposedly set in Boston, my home town. 2: I love Fallout. 3: I only put $5 down at Gamestop ( I want a hard copy )
  4. Literally going to have to buy a completely new computer since I sold mine awhile back. Pre-Ordered today
  5. I dont have a good track record with desktops. i like to upgrade everything. getting a laptop prevents this to an extent. plus cant carry a desktop around campus.
  6. Guys I'm in need of a laptop for school and i knew this was the place to ask. Haven't been on here in over 5 months. I'm completely out of the loop regarding computers. I doubt my dad will buy an all out desktop, so a laptop is my only choice. I still have all of my Steam and Origin games. What I need is a laptop that'll play my games. The hardest game to run technically is Crysis 3 but who the hell plays that. Actually playing, would be BF3 and 4, though I haven't looked at any game releases for 5 months or so, I kind of went under a rock. What do you guys suggest? Price p
  7. Bye guys, my life is changing and the computer enthusiast part of me is starting to go away. I find myself less and less interested in computers everyday, and I haven't been on here in awhile like I used to. So bye bye, see ya maybe some next time Love ya all Deuces.
  8. I simply don't need it? It was a waste of $300?
  9. I don't think I've updated my Sig, Im on Z97 now if it still says AMD