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  1. So took my pc into a computer shop for a fresh install of Windows (long story short ran into trouble installing drivers went to Linux and didn't like the experiece and didn't have time to troubleshoot my driver issues as I already spent many hours on it to no luck) So pc shop marked my white case and I can't seem to get these marks off the case have scrubbed with isopropyl alcohol and no luck
  2. I also did update windows because at one point people were saying that was a solution
  3. Right so I recently done a fresh install of windows on my computer and now it will not let me install any Nvidia drivers due to either DCH or not being compatible with this version of windows. My GPU is showin as "Microsoft basic display adapter" in device manager and this GPU has worked previously in this computer if I go through Device manager directly and try to download the drivers automatically I get "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device" it does state that I am running a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080. if I try to updat
  4. I hope this is the right thread to put this on but basically i have a Seagate 8TB HDD that i put a load of movies on but for whatever reason my TV has a weird 2TB limit meaning no HDD over 2TB can be detected and playstation also says it is unsupported. I can plug my PC to my TV but to me its not the best option i dont have wireless peripheries and frankly i hate how funny windows 10 is with switching display inputs. so i was wondering if there was a cheap device i could buy that would be a use as a medium between the external drive and the TV
  5. @Bananasplit_00Im not dissing them it was my experience with the case and it shouldnt have been shipped with a flaw in the first place and you specifically cut my quote to make me look like i said something i never with the vertical GPU mount i specifically said read it again "AND I MAY BE WRONG" the reviews i watched was well over a year ago sorry if i dont have an exact memory which is exactly why i said i may be wrong you are the exact reason why i stated that this was my personal opinion and that i knew someone would have to defend their own purchase its so pred
  6. yeah it wasnt too bad i did have to delid my CPU because of that case
  7. Probably the Evolv was the all round best case I had the none TG so the swinging side panels were great just to get into the back of the case it looked incredible But they all have separate reasons I loved all them cases: Anidees looked great and while it was a while ago I dont remember any problems while building in it Thermaltake core V1 was super light and small form factor making it great to move around NZXT was just a simple build experience with great cable management. Also another fault of the O11 is that all 4 of the super che
  8. So before i start i want to make it clear i debated alot about writing this while i know alot of people on this site are awesome and open to other peoples opinions but their are people who will either feel the need to defend their purchase or people who will disagree because they've seen a few reviews and never even touched the case but the Lian Li O11 Dynamic sucks. im not a first time builder and have worked with plenty of different cases including the anidees AI crystal, thernaltake Core V1, NZXT H500i, Phanteks Evolv, and i have but am yet to build in the Node 804, i have also
  9. Hi so just curious I only need a motherboard and CPU now (looking at b450 and 3400g) to run a plex server I was wondering if I could run my twitch stream from this aswell. I wanted to run unraid dude to its power down features on the drives but curious if this will work and any recommendations
  10. hi, guys so I'm trying to create macros to open files such as sound clips etc. I'm using razer synapse and having trouble getting the commands right i was just wondering if anyone could be a little more precise and any advice would be amazing Thanks in advance
  11. I've got a smaller size head (I think haha) was there much of a sound difference between the 3 to 7?
  12. Yeah the headphones only caught my eye because they look unbelievably comfortable, how is the mic and sound on the arctic series?
  13. So to start this off I'm not an audiophile at all my view on headphones has always been aslong as they sound ok and work that will do but lately I've been wanting to invest into a really good pair of headphones or a headset that will mainly be used for gaming. I don't mind buying a nice pair of headphones and attaching a mod mic if need be and while I've set £150 as a limit im willing to be a little flexible The two sets I've been looking at are: These because they look unbelievably comfortable for gaming sessions beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Studio Headphon
  14. Thanks for the help guys I know it won't be optimal but atleast I know it'll work
  15. Hey guys so just wondering I'm building a computer for my girlfriend and wanted to know if ryzen can run stock on slow memory as I was just going to take the ram from my computer put it in hers and upgrade my own. Honestly if she uses it at all it'll be for the Sims only going for ryzen 3/5 with 8gb of ram I think it's 2400 speed idk am not at home rn I have seen tech YouTubers talk about the importance of ram and ryzen but as in running Intel I'm not sure if they're just being overly cautious or thinking more for overclocking ect Also I'm not going with a a