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  1. I'm doing a ITX Build. I would like to have an AMD Ryzen 5 5600x CPU. But I can't seem to find any ITX motherboards which which is compatible. All motherboard just described as (supports 3rd Generation Ryzen) ?
  2. Oh thanks Peej, can I boot from this adapter?
  3. thanks but this aint the problem, My ssd physically doesn't fit my laptop, not that I don't know to erase it
  4. No no, I fits my old laptop well, just got a new one since the old one broke .. planning to sell my SSD but how do I erase it since it doesn't fit my new one
  5. My laptop uses M.2 SSD sadly ://
  6. Hi I got an Samsung Evo 250GB SSD wich doen't fit my laptop, how do I erase it?