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  1. I am tempted to put 2x NF-F12 on my MSI R9 290. The temperatures and noise at load of this card are both annoying.
  2. Hey guys, First of all, happy new year to everyone ! May 2017 be full of new hardware/technologies for each of you ! I currently have 2 Samsung SSDs (1x 850 Pro and 1x 850 EVO). The Pro is my boot device and the EVO is hosting all my games. The day after I got 2 games for Christmas, the Evo failed and can't be detected anymore by my PC or any other PC. The only way to have it detected somehow is through a USB to SATA adapter and the drive won't initialize anyway. Anyway, having a 5 years warranty on the Evo, I started looking for how to do a RMA in Canada. I then came
  3. I'm not a fan of buying used electronic products in particular a video card that might have been pushed/overclocked to the limits and his life span has been reduced. At this price point (selling my 290 + the money I had plan for watercooling it), I could get an RX480 brand new. The RX480 has much lower TDP...but not as good as Nvidia's cards. Other than the vibration issue, did you have any issues with your closed loop ? Thanks. I don't know if the MSI Gaming has separate heatsinks from the cooler or if the cooler has pads for the VRM. I would have to check if I can
  4. Hey guys, I have a MSI R9 290 Gaming 4GB, which uses the MSI TwinFrozer cooler. I am looking to get something that cools better and with less noise. While I am playing, my GPU can go up to 90C while my CPU stays around 41C. At 90C, fans are spinning like crazy. Very annoying as the rest of my PC is quite silent. Now, I don't have any watercooling parts in my setup just yet. I never got into watercooling, but that might change here. While there are after market air coolers compatible for the R9 290, they cost about the same price as a (basic) watercooling setup. And hone
  5. I don't own the game but watched 2 Twitch streams last night for about an hour. I like what I see, and I may buy it. The only grip that I have about this game is the damage model. I mean, why the hell does it take 3 full mags of 30 bullets/mag to kill a low/medium NPC. It doesn't make sense. Otherwise, the game feels realistic. I was hoping for a R6 : Raven Shield damage model.
  6. Yes, I am a bit OCD about drivers and softwares being up to date. Maybe I should stick with "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" I wasn't aware of the specific bug. I am not actually using the latest BIOS from Gigabyte. I am one step behing. The latest BIOS from Gigabyte states and it adds CPU microcode for Windows 10 support. I'm definitively looking to upgrade so I'll update my BIOS tonight. Maybe this will fix "other" issues as well. Good point. I didn't think of this. Those are good tips as well, thanks. I'll try messing around with the RAM more. I'll do
  7. Hello everyone, Apologies for the long post...I believe it is worth it to give you all the investigation that I have done yet. I am seeking for some help and advices regarding an issue that has been going for some time with my computer. I can't pinpoint at what point in time exactly, but for weeks my computer has been freezing randomly. It started many weeks ago at which point the computer would completely freeze and be non-responsive. Any input peripherals stop working, everything on my G13 LCD freezes and my Dell monitor displays the latest image. The only way that I
  8. I use the anti-virus only version. I don't need the full Internet suite.
  9. I like NOD32. I'm using it along with MalwareBytes Premium.
  10. I don't care about skins, but a new free map, I'll take it.
  11. Deus Ex 1 is pretty cheap and has a lot of replay value. I think I did the entire campaign about 6-7 times in the past 15 years.
  12. These USB requirements are weird. I understand there are multiple devices/sensors using USB, but why not combine them all in 1 USB 3.0? Smartphones are different than a gaming device. I paid my Z3 Compact 600$CAD and it is the device that I use every hour of every day. A smartphone is a small pocket PC and has way more functionality than the Rift.
  13. They are still working on Season 1. They just released 1.5 which includes many ships and new missions features. New features will also be coming for Season 1 owners in the next year...so don't worry if you don't own Horizons