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  1. and of course i have the option of getting a new backplate because the one the s36 uses is plastic
  2. well i forgot to mention, one corner of the backplate seems tight while the others dont, also i cant go any tighter
  3. i'm using the fractal design CELSIUS s36 (theres a kelvin s36 aswell) and the mount for the block seems a bit loose even with the screws in. i'm using the lga 115x mounter btw, but is this normal? its only a little bit loose but i wanna be sure its normal
  4. one more thing would one intake and one exhaust fan at the top work or would it create like a loop or something, i think i've heard of it before but it might've been something else
  5. welp i'm back my dudes, and i have a question about airflow for my 360mm radiator that will go in the front of my case. what is the best airflow options for this? also gold=warm air because i've heard that the air gets heated up a bit from the rad. and also i had an extra 120mm case fan so i thought i might as well use it because it wont fit anywhere else. is the way in the image a good way to set this up or no? also the odd cage and hdd cage under the psu shroud is removed, making a gap in the shroud around where the radiator is.
  6. finally thank god, i got it out, all i had to do was imagine me bashing this case with a hammer and i got the screw out with the screwdriver and dear god i stripped it badly, but not beyond use.
  7. i tried removing the screw but theres screws on the inside of the foot as in i cant remove the feet whats worse is i think the screw holding in the cage is stripped i'm fine with having to break the screw or something to get it out as long as it doesnt damage the rest of the case, i've got plenty extra screws and i dont really need the hdd cage either.
  8. no its perfectly long enough its just that the foot goes directly over the screw. the feet arent that long
  9. i cant get the fourth fucking screw at that bottom of the enthoo pro m and i cant get it out because it puts the screwdriver at a weird angle and i need to remove the screw so i can put in a 360mm radiator. how do i get the screw out?
  10. i'm building a new pc soon, and i plan on getting the fractal celsius s36 aio for the cooler, and i was wondering if i should use the pre-applied thermal paste or artic mx4 thermal paste (i already bought the mx4)
  11. oh and if not will it work in the cpu opt header on the motherboard?
  12. ok guys, i got some case fans, they're all 3 pin. i have a question. i am using the nh d15 and as you may know, it comes with a fan splitter. and as you also might know is that one of the headers is only 3 pin but theres a space between one of the pins. will a 3 pin fan work in that header?
  13. ok i know i may have asked a few troll questions, but like 1 or 2 were true, like the one where i asked about wether my build was good (not the one with dual 1080 tis and a crappy amd cpu, the one with a 1070 and an i7 7700k and enthoo case) but lets get down to the question, which this is serious. are 3 fans on a gpu louder than 2 fans? i have a feeling they are, but i just wanna make sure.
  14. so guys my friend who's a pc expert reccomended that i assemble this pc build, he said it was entry level, what do you guys think of it? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/DMHs2R
  15. just look up the meaning of 1488p you'll like the meaning