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  1. I found if you press F12 then right click the refresh button and chose 'Hard Reload' on chrome this fixes the constant refresh.
  2. Sorry about the miss quote, a bit of  a nubie still but I have corrected the facts now.

    1. Chalkie


      Thanks mate! :D

  3. Well I went away and started and published my first blog. I have set my self a weakly schedule to produce one episode a week and blogging also. the content might be a little light at the moment but you have got to start somewhere. https://pimpmyretro.wordpress.com/2018/07/20/rip-the-ben-heck-show/
  4. I have a last gen smartphone (top brand) but I was thinking should I spend out for a SLR or the gimbled steady cam for a mobile and start that way. I don't have much to spend on this project yet.
  5. I disagree I think the best content is informed content and research is most of the work.
  6. I've got an idea for the content but wonder about a few technical matters, filming editing,scripting,shooting,sleeping, etc.
  7. Hi, I want to join in and become a so called techTuber (R) whats the best way to start ?
  8. Start with BASIC then outsource to India. to Code is to be ZEN.... Coding is a way of life spent mostly working 36 hrs a day on code and then another 6 dreaming about it, in seemly infinite iteration.
  9. Hi, usually if a USB device will not wake your computer is has gone to sleep in the wrong ACPI suspend mode see (https://www.pcworld.com/article/225833/Tweak_Your_Windows_PCs_Sleep_Mode.html) the best tool for troubleshooting Power and suspend is the command line tool 'powercfg /?'.