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  1. Funny how our GPU scores are almost similar but your CPU Game and Render scores are sooo much higher. Anyhow, amazing how you got to 405.
  2. Awesome thanks! I`ll most definitely need help in the future. I`ll write your tag down!
  3. Thank you very much @Mister Woof @Gohardgrandpa @i_build_nanosuits and everyone else who helped with this thread. Many things have been made clear for me and I know what my next steps are. Stay safe!
  4. Thanks! I see, I`ll test it at 1440p just to check, but I think it is pretty much clear that the bottleneck is mostly the CPU. I am looking to upgrade, but from the little research I`ve made, people recommend to wait for 4th gen AMD, which means I`d have to upgrade my MoBo aswell.
  5. Also, this are some of the metrics while it was testing: GPU temp: GPU clock speed: CPU usage of the most utilized core:
  6. So I tried it out (using @Mister Woof aggressive settings), and this is what I got at 1080p max: How does it look? I can see it is a like 10-15fps lower than yours´ @Gohardgrandpa
  7. I imitated your curve, maybe it feels better. But why can`t the clock speeds be steady while gaming? I figured this is causing the stuttering:
  8. @Mister Woof and @GreyestGoat Can I get a screenshot of your GPU voltage curves? Just to have it as a base so I can try and mess around with it.
  9. That is actually a very good idea! I will try it on some games and I will post back the result
  10. I actually already tried doing that, with no luck at all. I did use MSI AB but the GPU kind of ignores the setting I put there. I tried using the Radeon Software tweaking voltages and such, but I only crashed my system. It was way easier with Nvidia Control Panel to set optimal performance over energy saving.
  11. I have the Sapphire Pulse, and my clock speeds are very volatile. I hardly see a horizontal straight line with clock speeds. Depends on the game, on RDR2 I had a somewhat steady clock of 2050mhz, but on LoL for example and FO76 it varies from 800mhz to 1900mhz. EDIT: it never throttles due to thermal issues, but rather reasons I don`t yet fully understand.
  12. Yes, I have freesync activated on mi monitor and I play at 1080p Interesting, I find the logic in what you say. I just find it funny how, for example in games like LoL, I had a better performance with my GTX 1060 6GB than with my 5700xt (same setup). But in simple terms, I am looking for the optimal piece to upgrade on my PC.
  13. @GreyestGoat @Mister Woof I mean, games run well enough, it entirely depends on the game. For example, I played though all doom eternal with no less than 144fps. I happen to be extremely sensible to frame drops; I can notice when the game drops from 144 to 120. I just want to get the most out of my GPU since I am a FPS freak. I understand frame drops are inevitable, but I can notice my 5700xt is a little under-performing. So in your opinion, will it be worth to upgrade CPU with my current main board?
  14. Based on @Mister Woof answer and you screenshot I am now convinced my CPU is bottle necking almost all my games, given the only significant difference between my setup and yours is the CPU?. I really don`t think it could be anything else such as the MoBo.
  15. Excelent thanks! I notice something strange, I actually get 100-120 fps ingame while playing WarZone. Im not too sure why it displays only 67.6 FPS.